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PlushBeds Luxury Bedding Collection

PlushBeds is pleased to offer a wide range of high quality bed linens designed for maximum comfort and built to last. These are a few of the outstanding bed linen products we offer:

Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

These 300 thread count sheets are made of 100 percent Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Egyptian cotton. These lightweight sheets are incredibly lightweight allowing for a cool night’s sleep. They are free of dyes and chemicals, and hypoallergenic. Featuring 13” deep pockets, and made with garment quality tailoring, these sheets are a good fit for almost any discerning customer.

600 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

These sheets are soft, durable, and exceptional. They are made with handpicked cotton and single-ply yarns for added luxury. Pockets are extra deep in order to accommodate varying mattress sizes from six inches to 22 inches. The sheet set comes in several colors, including: chocolate, ivory, khaki, silver sage, slate, and white.

400 TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Egyptian cotton has been widely revered for the long cotton fibers that allow for sheets that are durable and soft. They are also well known for resistance to pilling. These sheets are no exception. In addition to the high quality and beautiful nature of these sheets, they also come equipped with a five-year warranty.

Portuguese Flannel Sheet Set

Looking for something a little cozier for the winter? Look no further than Portuguese flannel. These sheets offer a velvety-soft texture that doesn’t pill and that produces no excess lint. These sheets come in six beautiful colors, including: coffee, ivory, oatmeal, pacific, pine, and white and accommodate variations in depth between six and 18 inches.

Bamboo Sheet Set

If you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly, you’re sure to love these bamboo sheet sets. Not only do they feel great, but they also offer outstanding water wicking properties that keep you cool and dry while you sleep. Bamboo is highly renewable and naturally resistant to odors and bacteria. Our bamboo sheet sets have a five year warranty and are available in the following colors: ash, citron, driftwood, ivory, rain, and white.

TENCEL Sheet Set

Our TENCEL sheet sets are eco-friendly and ideally suited for people with sensitive skin. These sheets provide an interesting insulating factor to help your remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, too. Available colors include: dusk, ecru, harvest, ivory, opal, and white.

400 TC Italian Sheet Set

Our 400 thread count Italian sheet set is made with Egyptian cotton. They are Italian sheet sets because Italian artisans do the weaving to create a truly diving sleep experience. These sheets offer a 10 year warranty and a truly luxurious sleep experience.

Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set

Brushed microfiber sheets are stain-, pill-, and shrink-resistant making them a good fit for most beds. The deep pockets make them a good fit for mattresses between the sizes of six and 18 inches and the mattresses come in six colors.

200 TC Cotton Percale

Enjoy a great night’s sleep on sheets made with cool, crisp cotton. The 200 thread count sheets are incredibly breathable and will have you waking up feeling clean and refreshed in the morning.

Each of our sheet sets is made with quality and durability in mind. We offer a wide range of options to accommodate your sleep preferences. We are confident that one or more of these beautiful sheet sets will be a great choice for you!

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