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What is Organic Cotton?

In an effort to live greener lives, people around the world are turning to options such as organic foods, building materials, and even fibers, such as cotton. How fast is the organic fiber market growing? According to the Organic Trade Association, fiber sales grew 10.4 percent in 2009 to reach an impressive $521 million.

How is Organic Cotton Used?

You might be surprised at just how useful organic cotton is, and how widely it is used. Today, you can buy a wide range of items made of 100 percent organic cotton, including:

● Blankets
● Sheets
● Bedding
● Bathrobes
● Mattresses
● Towels
● Clothes
● Stationary
● Note Cards
● Toys
● Diapers
● Sanitary Products
● Ear Swabs
● Cotton Balls

Even the seeds from organic cotton are used in animal feed and organic cottonseed oil for cooking.

What are the Certification Standards for Organic Cotton?

In order to qualify as organic cotton, growers must meet certain standards in the way they plant and grow cotton. There must be no genetic modification of the cotton plant. Synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are also not allowed to come into contact with organic cotton plants.

In the United States, the National Organic Program (NOP) governs which practices are allowable when it comes to fertilizing, growing, controlling pests, and handling organic crops.

Where is Organic Cotton Grown?

Currently more than 20 countries throughout the world grow organic cotton. India is the leading provider of organic cotton worldwide, though Turkey, Syria, China, Egypt, and even the United States have thriving organic cotton presences.

Modern technology is making it increasingly simple to trace the history of organic cotton to the very fields from which it is harvested. Manufacturers certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and that sell GreenGuard Gold Certified and GOLS certified latex mattresses go even further providing strong labor provisions in the requirements for certification along with the various textile-processing stages.

Why Use Organic Cotton Products?

People today are more aware of their individual carbon footprints than at any other point in history. They understand that it’s not just about how the plants are grown that matters, but also how they are processed, created, and delivered to your door. You want products that are environmentally responsible so you can truly rest easy at night. You want to know you’ve done the right thing for the planet.

PlushBeds understands this desire. Our Botanical Bliss 100 percent natural latex mattress offers the finest quality organic mattress materials including the quilted layer of certified organic cotton used in our non-woven latex zippered mattress covers. Not only does this mattress cover deliver superior comfort due to its stretchable nature, but it also provides outstanding relief for pressure points that are often achy and sore after waking on other mattresses.

If organic cotton makes this much of a difference in mattresses, imagine what it does for clothing, diapers, and bed linens.

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