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The Best Air Mattress to Buy When You’re Away

Going on vacation, visiting a friend or just escaping everyday life can be full of fun and adventures. One thing you probably won’t be looking forward to when you’re away is sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. While nothing can beat the comfort of your talalay mattress at home, there are alternative air mattresses that will help you sleep peacefully through the night. Let’s look at the best choices when it comes to buying an air mattress for your next trip away from home.

Consumer Reports has done a great job of breaking down the air mattress that will be right for you.

Best Air Beds

Wenzel’s Insta-Bed mattress tops others in reviews

Simple air beds typically are 8 to 9 inches deep when inflated, while raised air beds are up to 22 inches deep (the height of a standard bed frame and mattress) so they’re easier to get in and out of. Most can be used either indoors or out, but different features — such as electric pumps or construction materials — make some models better suited for indoor-only use.

AeroBeds – Air mattresses you can count on

While the AeroBed line is generally well-received in reviews, the company has revamped its product line in the past year, so newer products haven’t yet been the subject of many professional and consumer reviews. The AeroBed for Kids can be used for children 3 years and older and can support up to 150 pounds. This air mattress isn’t included in any professional reviews, but gets rave reviews from owners. It receives near-perfect ratings and more than 540 comments from consumers posting at, and almost 150 reviewers weigh in with similar opinions at Parents say this inflatable 50-inch-by-25-inch mattress is ideal for overnight trips, since it can easily be tucked into a travel bag. Users also say the AeroBed for Kids is very sturdy (an important consideration, since kids are often rough with air mattresses). It inflates to 4 inches high and features an additional 4-inch safety cushion around the edges so children don’t roll off.

Outdoor Air Beds

One air mattress intended for both indoor and outdoor use is the positively reviewed Aero Sport All-Terrain Bed with Dual Power Pump (*Est. $75 to $90, depending on size). When inflated, this air mattress is 9 inches deep. The included pump can be plugged into a car lighter or it can be charged for cordless operation. The Aero Sport All-Terrain Bed, which has a one-year limited warranty, easily rolls up for convenient storage or travel. Reviews on are mostly positive (an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5, based on over 65 reviews), although one reviewer points out a major drawback: while the pump works immediately upon being plugged into a car lighter, it doesn’t when plugged into a wall outlet. Using it at home? Make sure you charge the pump fully (which can take 12 hours) before inflating the mattress.

Hopefully, these tips will help you the next time you’re looking to buy an air mattress.

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