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Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng shui is the art of placement. In the bedroom, it’s all about arranging items, furniture, and even colors and fabrics in a manner that invites sleep or sex. Those are the only two things that should be taking place in the bedroom according to the principles of feng shui, at any rate. If you’re looking for ways to rev up the passion factor or get a few extra winks at night, then the first step is to learn bedroom feng shui layout for better results.

Bedroom Feng Shui History

Derived from an ancient Chinese method, the phrase “feng shui” translates in English literally to wind-water. Historically, feng shui was used in buildings to create prosperity and good fortune. In terms of our home life, it invites balance, warmth, calmness, happiness and tranquility – room by room.

Clear Out Clutter and Distractions

Now is the perfect time to get rid of the television that’s been keeping you up at night along with your desk, piles of dirty laundry, and your exercise machine that often serves as a clutter collecting or clothes tree apparatus more than a tool for fitness.

When you’re attempting a bedroom feng shui layout, you want to create clean, clutter free lines. As you attempt to bring your bedroom back to its original purposes (sleep and sex) you’ll understand why it’s so important to eliminate the clutter that keeps you distracted. Once you experience the results, you’ll wish you had made the move much sooner.

Create Your Own Bedroom Feng Shui Map

Since feng shui is all about placement, it makes sense that the placement of furniture and accessories in the bedroom are important tools in the overall design of a feng shui bedroom. Put your “bedroom map” on paper before you start rearranging furniture or you could find yourself with a back that’s all out place (If so, then you’d need to read this best mattress for back pain article). In addition to the above image, here is a ready-reference for a feng shui bedroom map. Besides clean, uncluttered lines within the room, a bedroom that’s perfectly feng shui will have many things in pairs. Not only does this represent harmony, but it also creates a sense of symmetry inside the room.

You should also take care to arrange your bed against a solid wall (preferably facing the door) and consider purchasing a super-sturdy bed frame and headboard. These things seem simple but they create a feeling of safety and security within the bedroom. Sleep with your door closed at night to block out other sounds in the home and to foster that sense of security you’re trying to create for a better night’s sleep.

Choose Your Bedroom Feng Shui Colors Wisely

Feng shui bedroom colors ideas are often very calming and serene. This promotes a sense of peace, comfort, and security within these walls. However, many bedrooms looking to incorporate a color scheme that is truly feng shui in nature also elect to add a bold splash of passion colors into the room in order to add a little spark of life to the other function or purpose the bedroom serves. Red and pink are excellent passion colors to add to the bedroom, reports HGTV. Just remember that less is sometimes more when adding these bright and bold accents.

Whether your interests are solely in improving the quality and quantity of your sleep, or you’re looking to bring a little shiver of passion back into your bedroom, feng shui is a useful tool to help you accomplish both needs. You don’t have to take drastic action, but these how to feng shui your bedroom small changes often yield big results.

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