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Eco-Friendly Gadgets for the Bedroom

We all are striving for small steps we can take to protect the planet. Many of us are looking for ways to do that without giving up on some of the creature comforts we’ve grown to know and love along the way. These eco-friendly gadgets allow us to have our environmentally-friendly cake and enjoy it too!

Wake-Up Light.  Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or you just need a sunnier way to wake up in the morning, a wake-up light offers a new way of waking in the morning. One that is decidedly more civilized than jarring alarm clocks.  You even have the option of a sunrise mode in which the light begins gradually coming on 30 minutes before you need to wake up. The intensity increases and if you do not wake up after between 20 and 40 minutes, an alarm goes off with varying sounds like chirping birds or mooing cows.

Water Powered Alarm Clock.  As an alternative to traditional alarm clocks, this clock — which is powered by water and salt — remains powered for several days to provide reliable time-keeping and waking. When the time comes for a power boost, simply change the water. No batteries, winding, or electricity required.

Vacancy Sensor Light Switch/Dimmer Switch. Lights that turn on when you enter the room and off once the room is no longer occupied (after a reasonable waiting period of inactivity) are a dream come true when it comes to conserving energy and lowering utility costs. They also happen to be extremely planet friendly.

Remote Control Shades. Remote control shades allow you the let the sun shine in, literally, with the touch of a button. During daylight hours you can harness the power of the sun to light your room without ever needing to turn on the bedroom lights. At night, another touch of a button brings the shades down to provide privacy.

Rechargeable Candle Lights. These rechargeable candles provide 20 hours of relaxing candlelight for every recharge without the soot and pollution created by traditional candles. It’s difficult to find more cost-effective mood lighting for a bedroom.

Smart Air Conditioner.  A smart air conditioner does so much more than cool the room. The sleep modern unit is an 8,000 BTU unit that offers fan, cool, and “eco” modes that can be controlled by household smartphones and tablet devices. It even uses your phone’s GPS to turn itself off when you leave your home and back on once you return. You can set it up to meet ideal comfort levels at certain times of the day or to fall within certain budgetary constraints so you don’t get nasty utility bill surprises in July and August.

Bladeless Fan. These clever fans use one fiftieth the electricity of air conditioners and work to not simply move the air inside your home, but to multiply it instead. The goal of the product’s founder, James Dyson, is to eventually replace air conditioners with these devices, which are better for the planet.

Perhaps one of the most eco-friendly things to do for your bedroom, though, is to make the eco-conscious choice of a latex mattress. By investing in a 100 percent pure, organic latex mattress, such as the Botanical Bliss mattress by PlushBeds that’s built to last 30 years or longer, and is 100 percent recyclable, you can completely eliminate the footprints your mattresses leave behind and relieve local landfills of three times the number of mattresses you’d normally go through in that 30 year span of time.

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