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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Your bedroom is your oasis in a world that’s often filled with busyness and chaos. Wouldn’t it be great if your personal place of Zen could also be a place that’s as soothing for the planet as it is for you? It can be, if you follow great tips like these listed below.


This one simple word says so much. Reduce the clutter in your room. If it doesn’t fit, pass it on to someone in need or find a way to re-purpose it for other uses. Get it out of your bedroom.

Clearing out the clutter is not only good for the planet (especially if you are able to recycle or reuse items that were once cluttering your closets or visual space within your bedroom), but also good for your ability to sleep at night. It might sound odd, but uncluttered bedrooms can help you fall asleep faster and remain sleeping throughout the night.

Choose Green, Sustainable Flooring

Bamboo is often the first type of flooring that comes to mind when the word “green” comes into the conversation. However, it is not the only floor in town when it comes to packing a powerful pro-planet punch. Cork is an affordable and abundant flooring material that also provides shock absorption, muffles sound, and looks beautiful on floors.

Pick Earth-Friendly Fibers

Your bedroom is full of fibers. From organic mattress covers to bed linens to curtains and more, there are plenty of opportunities to bring earth-friendly fibers like 100 percent Joma wool or certified organic cotton fiber into your bedroom. There is an abundant supply of prints available in these materials. Finding the right one for your bedroom should be easy.

Unplug – Literally and Figuratively

Unplugging appliances such as televisions, unused gadgets and/or mobile device chargers can reduce the amount of electricity you use on average, which reduces the need to replenish that electricity. Additionally, consider alternative solutions for battery or electric powered alarm clocks such as a water-powered alarm clock to conserve further energy.

Unplugging in the bedroom figuratively involves turning off the television, laptop, tablet, and even your mobile phone while you sleep. Doing so will help improve the quality of your sleep throughout the night because your mind isn’t being continuously stimulated.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Your mattress matters. The lifespan of an average innerspring mattress is seven years. After that time is up, and the mattress becomes lumpy and bumpy, the mattress typically ends up in a landfill.

Choosing a 100 percent recyclable mattress like a 100 percent natural latex mattress is a definite step in the right direction. Not only do natural latex mattresses offer longevity (average 30-year plus lifespan), but they are also 100 percent recyclable meaning they’ll never require precious landfill space.

Little choices like those above, will make a world of difference in just how earth-friendly your bedroom is. Start small and work your way up to a bedroom that really wows not only yourself, but the planet.

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