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From the Slightly Quirky to the Blatantly Bizarre: The Strange Sleeping Habits of Hollywood

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Hollywood stars and starlets are known for their weird habits—from underarm botox, to wearing latex gloves 24/7 (I’m looking at you, Howie Mandel), to playing with Barbies (it got creepy when you turned 40, Johnny Depp). I guess their eccentricities are part of the reason we love them so much. After all, nobody wants to watch a reality show about a nine-to-fiver in a business suit who takes his kids to soccer practice. When it comes to sleeping habits, the stars are just as strange, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Would you? Still, I keep wondering, if they just got good natural mattresses, if they’d have to be so extreme. Yes. The answer is yes.

Mariah Carey is a modern-day version of the Blood Countess. The Blood Countess, a notorious 16th century character, kidnapped virgins and drank their blood to keep herself young. Okay, so Mariah isn’t drinking virgin blood or terrorizing the peasant countryside but she is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her youthful glow. She sleeps 15 hours a night, which means she’s only awake for 9. At this rate she’ll spend 2/3 of her life unconscious. She also surrounds her bed with 20 humidifiers. Can you imagine trying to sleep in the equivalent of a damp London fog? Nothing sounds less cozy and more likely to encourage flesh eating bacteria. Moldy sheets, anyone?

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, is a non-stop homemaking machine. She reports getting less than 5 hours of sleep every night because there isn’t enough time in the day. If I got 5 hours of sleep a night, there’d be a one-woman zombie uprising. Watch out New York City! No wonder she’s so obsessed with doilies. I mean, doilies become pretty fascinating when you’re tripping on sleep deprivation.

Tom Cruise is a long-time resident of crazy town but I can actually relate to his sleeping situation. While married to Katie Holmes, Cruise slept in a “snoratorium,” a special soundproof room designed to keep his nighttime chortles and snorts at bay. So, snoring probably isn’t why they got divorced.

Lady Gaga has insomnia, so, naturally, she sleeps in an egg. Enough said.

Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold medalist, sleeps in a high-altitude sleeping chamber. This trains his body to exist comfortably on less oxygen, a huge boon when it’s time to swim in competition. I guess it doesn’t count as performance enhancing if you could, theoretically, find those conditions somewhere on Planet Earth.

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