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Dream Interpretation


The philosophy that dreams are trying to reveal important messages is not a new school of thought. It’s been around for ages – and in many cultures. Sigmund Freud, for instance, was convinced that dreams have meaning. Native American tribes, such as the Iroquois, considered dreams to be sacred, and treated the interpretations of their dreams as law in matters such as marriage and even war.

Today’s dreams may not carry the same weight as they did for the Iroquois of long ago, but they still may have important meaning that can help you make decisions about your life. These are some of the most common dream symbols and what they often mean.

Dreaming about Trains

No, it doesn’t mean you should expect to take a trip anytime soon, or that you’re about to get run over by a train. Instead, WebMD seems to believe that dreams about trains represent power or freedom. It could be that you’ve gained new power in your employment situation or reached a goal that represents financial freedom, at least on a subconscious level for you and your family.

Dreams of Being Chased

Dreams that involve being chased or even caught are among the most common recurring dreams in society today. Most of the time they represent fears you’re running from. According to Discovery Health, you often feel “frightened, attacked, and in danger” when you have these dreams. They recommend focusing your attention on how or what is chasing you and trying to identify characteristics of the thing that’s chasing you in your dreams so that you can eliminate whatever it is you’re running from in your waking life from the equation.

Being Naked at Inappropriate Moments in Your Dreams

Dreaming about being naked in front of large crowds, at work, at school, at weddings, and other moments in life, is another fairly common dream. This dream happens to people of all ages and often represents feeling exposed or vulnerable to some degree. This dream is a good wakeup call to shore things up and eliminate vulnerabilities and limit your exposure. Sometimes it’s a matter of educating yourself for work. Other times it may be something simple like investing in a security system for your home or changing your routine.

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Flying, Swimming, and Dancing in Your Dreams

Not all messages you receive in dreams are negative. Sometimes, dreams are simply subconscious manifestations of our conscious celebrations. This is the case when your dreams are about flying, swimming, and/or dancing. These are happy dream moments celebrating the overcoming of obstacles and other real-life accomplishments.

Do you want to know what your dreams are telling you, but have trouble remembering them? Dr. Judith Orloff recommends keeping a journal or sleep diary next to your bed specifically for recording dreams the instant you wake up as a sure path to remembering dreams and understanding their meaning in this enlightening video. Try it out tonight and discover for yourself what your dreams are telling you.

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