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Recurring Dreams

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Recurring dreams can be as frightening as a night terror when you don’t understand what they mean. It might even feel like you’re the only person who experiences them, whether they are dreams that feel real (lucid dreams) or premonition dreams. That really isn’t the case though. Most people will experience them at various stages of life. The key is to discover what your recurring dream might be trying to tell you.

Are Recurring Dreams Warnings?

While everyone has different dreams on any given night, there are a few consistent themes in recurring dreams that happen from one person to the next. According to Dr. Oz, “There are 5 dreams that are so common among us all that they get reported to me on a daily basis.”

But, can these common recurring dream symbols and themes have real life lessons for the dreamers?

According to Dr. Oz, that seems to be the case. For instance, recurring dreams about a cheating spouse doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating. It often indicates that there is a fifth wheel in your relationship such as work or other non-romantic interests, and that now is a good time to invest in a little extra romantic attention.

Common dreams about being back at school often indicates that you’ve reached a point in your career where you feel unprepared and that now might be the time to invest a little time outside of work towards preparing to meet the demands of your job and/or industry.

Dreams about teeth falling out, on the other hand, may mean you’ve said something that may have been better left unsaid. Whether it was a spilled secret, something spiteful and petty, or words you didn’t really mean that hurt someone you cared about, the lesson here is clear: watch your words.

The fourth common dream may be one of the most common. It’s the dream of being chased. The lesson this dream teaches is that you can’t keep running forever – no matter how hard you’re working to avoid the situation.

Finally, dreams of dirty toilets, overflowing toilets, or other plumbing disasters are good indications that you’re holding your emotions tightly in check and it’s time to let go. Stop bottling up your emotions, and you should find a new kind of freedom.

against the wall

Getting Rid of Recurring Dreams

Most people find that once the issue is addressed, the dream abates. At least, this is the case until problems arise again. Then, you may find yourself struggling through a new recurring dream, or experiencing the same one over and over again.

The best thing you can do to avoid recurring dreams altogether is really get attuned to your emotional center so that you can avoid them before they become problems. The next best thing is to recognize the dream for what it is while you’re having it, and try to take control of where the dream takes you next. Ultimately, after all, they are just dreams.

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