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13 Tips to Green Your Workout

When you’re environmentally-aware, you’re used to recycling, minimizing your carbon footprint, composting, and more. You’re probably only too aware of what you’re putting into your body, and you eat well, and are aware of where your food comes from.

Living a green lifestyle is something that pervades through every aspect of who you are and what you do. With this in mind, ask yourself this one question, have you ever considered going green with your workouts? It’s a timely question, since many of us listed exercise on our New Year’s Resolutions list.

It’s probably difficult to imagine that the way in which you actually exercise may have an impact on the environment, but it can. There are lots of ways you can green your workouts. Take a look at these 13 eco-friendly fitness tips to get yourself started:

  1. Buy eco-friendly clothing for your workouts and for your everyday life. It’s possible to buy yourself stylish and comfortable eco-friendly gear that looks good. You want to look for clothes made by a company that minimize waste during the design and production stage. You also should only buy from manufacturers who build their stores from recycled materials. Take a look at the label before you buy, too, and ensure the garment contains organic, rapidly renewable, or recycled fibers. Look into the ethics of the company you’re buying from to ensure that they’re as eco-friendly as they first appear to be.
  2. Go green when it comes to buying fitness products. Say you’re into yoga, and are looking to purchase a new mat. Ensure you buy one that’s made from natural, sustainable materials that leave no impact on the environment. The same also goes for your gym bag and other exercise equipment.
  3. Buy only eco-friendly towels. When you buy towels that are made from materials like hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo, you’re buying ones that are both made from sustainable fibers, and that don’t require the use of harmful pesticides.
  4. Bike or walk to work. If you normally drive or take public transport to work, why not save yourself some money and get fit in the process by getting some low-impact exercise by walking to work. If walking isn’t your thing, no worries, you can bike to work instead, and enjoy lots of fresh air, as well as an aerobic workout. Biking to work can be quicker than sitting in traffic for hours, and is certainly better than sitting on a crowded, stuffy bus. You can get fit by getting to work – perfect!
  5. Car pool to your gym with a neighbor or a friend. Carpooling is an excellent way of cutting down on fuel usage and costs. In addition to this, having a gym buddy will help you along with your fitness goals, as you’ll have their support in everything you do!
  6. Ensure you always use a recyclable or reusable water bottle. Rather than using plastic water bottles on a daily basis, switch to a recyclable or reusable one that’s far better for the environment.
  7. Make your own energy bars. Rather than buying wastefully prepackaged energy bars, that are probably filled with goodness-knows-what additives, save some money, resources, and give your body the healthiest option possible by making your own. There are lots of simple and nutritious recipes on the internet. You can also try making your own sports drinks too, and put them into your recyclable or reusable water bottle.
  8. Be ecologically aware in the gym. If you can’t find an eco-gym in your area, it’s important to be as green as you can in your regular gym. Big gyms are big energy consumers, so do little things like turning off TVs that aren’t being watched. Also, you can try asking the gym to use energy conserving lights and low-flow showerheads. It’s also important to ensure your gym offers you machines that are energy efficient, as well as provides eco-friendly resources, such as recycling bins. It’s also an idea for the staff to have a towel limit in place, to save on the energy used during laundering.
  9. Recycle your shoes. When your old athletic shoes have seen better days, drop them off at a Nike Reuse-A Shoe drop off point, and your shoes of any brand will be made into flooring, tracks, and even sports courts.
  10. Take your workout outside. When you’re walking or running outside, you will be able to reap the benefits of exercising on different types of terrain. This will get different muscle groups working and all-in-all, you’ll work far more muscles than you ever would in a gym. You will also breathe in fresh air too, so it’s a win-win situation.
  11. Fuel up on organic and sustainable foods after your workout. Buy locally produced food, that will help you cut down on your carbon footprint, as well as on environmental waste. Spinach will provide you with lots of muscle-building antioxidants, free-range organic eggs will provide you with protein, and bananas are amazing for muscle cramps.
  12. Workout at home. It may sound a little boring, however so long as you have a little bit of floor space, you can workout at home. You won’t be using lots of electricity-guzzling TVs and equipment, and you can relax and have a lie down on your own comfy sofa afterwards!
  13. Use plant-based nutrition supplements. If you’re looking for a boost, use an organic hemp protein powder, in your organic smoothies. This will blend well with all fruits and nuts, as it has its own nutty flavor. As it’s entirely plant based too, it has a lower water footprint than a protein powder that’s animal based.

Remember that through losing weight the old-fashioned way, you don’t need to consume vast amounts of energy, use lots of car gas, or even use electric exercise machines.

So, if you’re looking to green your workout, and looking forward to a new and improved you in 2017, try these 13 awesome tips to help you lose those extra pounds, keep in shape, and protect the earth in the process.

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