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5 Natural Living/Green Bloggers with Awesome Pinterest Pinboards

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Pinterest is an amazing tool for getting great ideas about, well, anything. One particular issue Pinterest is shedding light on in a really big way is the environment and green living. Through some truly impressive Pinterest boards, the below bloggers are doing their part to spread the word about how individuals and groups can begin making small changes that will have a huge impact on the planet.

1) Small Footprint Family

The blog itself is dedicated to sustainability. The fact that it discusses small steps breaks everything down into bite-sized pieces so that making these little changes doesn’t seem so dramatic and overwhelming. Dawn’s blog touches many areas including health and nutrition, gardening, green parenting, sustainability, and even political activism. The Pinterest board contains more than 1,000 pins focused on nutrition, parenting green, eco-friendly products, and sustainable living.

2) Down2EarthMother

The blog is impressive, featuring posts about going a year without supermarkets, sustainable living, gardening, and more. The Pinterest board, while perhaps not as robust as some, is a favorite, however, because it touches on a few issues that are important and not widely discussed, such as ethical clothing, green businesses, and even getting the kids involved in eco-friendly activities.

3) Eco-Mothering

Guilt-free green parenting is something many mothers are interested in learning more about. The blog focuses on natural parenting, but also includes great tips and ideas that people without children or with older children can enjoy and appreciate. The Pinterest Board makes the grade because it includes pins on having eco-friendly holidays, creating a greener home, green cleaning ideas, and real food lunches for the family.

4) The Mushy Mom

While this blog and Pinterest board are primarily dedicated to baby at the moment, look for things to evolve as baby grows. There are great tips and tidbits of advice for new moms interested in going green that make this an outstanding resources to keep close at hand. What sets this Pinterest board apart from many others is that it while it includes a section of products that are focused on green for baby, it also has boards such as a Green Living board, Gardening + Herbs, and a Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle board.

5) Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature Network is a big deal when it comes to all things green. With more than 12,600 followers on Pinterest and over 6,000 pins, it’s no wonder that this board is a fan favorite for anyone interested in adopting a greener lifestyle. From crafts and DIY projects to some of nature’s most stunning sights, this Pinterest page has a little something for everyone. Green home designs, green destinations, and even green health and fitness routines make the list on this impressive page. This page also has a board dedicated to ethical fashion, stepping up to the plate for an issue that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage in some circles.

Take a while to view, enjoy, and follow these great blogs and the Pinterest boards they’ve inspired. Hopefully you can pick up on great advice, tips, travel destinations, building projects, and more — all geared toward natural living and green focused. Remember too, PlushBeds natural latex mattresses are a green mattress choice. PlushBeds also proudly offers a Green Scholarship!

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