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5 Useful & Practical Organic Living Facebook Pages to Follow

Not all Facebook pages are created equal. Some pages post very little real meaty information while others provide a wide range of helpful and useful information people can run with to make purchasing decisions, discover new recipe ideas, or even make conscious changes for the good of their health, their families, and the planet. We feel these five Facebook pages embody the spirit of the latter and that anyone interested in practical advice for organic living should follow.

Organic Beauty Talk

The Facebook page works in tandem with the Organic Beauty Talk blog to inform readers about the latest trends in beauty and skincare. Their description on Facebook reads that they are

“Dispelling the myth that natural and organics is only for granola eating tree huggers.”

You’ll find a little bit of everything here from healthy berry pancake recipes to organic bug sprays that work, and excellent advice about top organic cosmetics and trending colors.

Green is Universal

While this is a larger page in terms of Facebook followers, it’s not so large that it loses the personal feel. The page itself seeks to entertain, inform, and educate audiences about the efforts NBCUniversal is making to bring some green into their own operations as well as simple steps ordinary people can take to make their lives and lifestyles a little greener too.

Shift Your Habit

This green Facebook page provides videos, discussions, and tutorials about different things you can do to make your world, and the world around you, a little greener. From guerilla gardening tactics to new methods to recycle and reuse old items, this Facebook page has a lot to offer anyone interested in going green. Perhaps the most beneficial features, though, are the Facebook and blog posts dedicated to helping you find frugal means of going green so that your efforts to lead a healthier, greener life don’t take a huge bite out of the family budget.

This Organic Life

This unique Facebook page simply celebrates everything organic. It offers outstanding perspective on green living merged with little hints of humor and a prevailing atmosphere of fun. The same message and “vibe” carry through to the blog, which offers abundant information on everything about leading a greener lifestyle.

My Healthy Green Family

Green living isn’t all about the food you eat and the clothes you wear or how much energy you consume. This particular Facebook page explores a little bit of everything related to green living and sustainability. From gardening to raising chickens, to farm living and sourcing your own meat. The Facebook page also offers valuable recipes for canning, freezing, and storing food. The My Healthy Green Family blog offers instructions for canning, information about sustainably-sourced chocolate, and green spa and skin care items.

If you’re not following these highly practical, useful, and informative organic living sites on Facebook, it’s time to consider becoming a follower of one or more of your favorites. Even if you think you’ve got it all down, there’s always something new on the horizon that can help you take your organic lifestyle to new levels. These Facebook pages and respective blogs dedicated to organic living will surely point the way.

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