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FROGBOX: Greener Moving Boxes

Ever get tired of the endless search for cardboard boxes when moving? How about the guessing game that goes along with deciphering the not-so-interesting smells coming from them? Search no more. There’s a better way to deal with the boxing of your prized possessions when moving – FROGBOX!

Don’t let the name fool you. FROGBOX is an innovative business model that makes the moving process infinitely easier for almost anyone who has ever done it the old way – you know, with cardboard boxes.

Let’s explore all the reasons you don’t want to go back to cardboard:

  • Difficult to find.
  • Holds the smells of items in them before.
  • Difficult to get rid of once the move is over.
  • Falls apart at the worst possible time.
  • Difficult to stack.
  • Sometimes awkward to stack and/or carry.

Best of all, FROGBOX is not only great for your move, it’s also great for the planet!

So, what is FROGBOX?

FROGBOX is a business that rents reusable plastic boxes to movers. Not only are the boxes uniform in size making them easy to stack and carry, but they are reusable, sturdy, and you don’t have to go out of your way to get rid of them once the move is over.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the FROGBOX website and place your order.
  • Wait for delivery of containers to you.
  • Pack.
  • Move.
  • Unpack.
  • Inform FROGBOX.
  • Wait for FROGBOX to pick up containers from you.

This will probably be one of the simplest things about your move when, once upon a time, the process of gathering boxes before the move and getting rid of them (including breaking them down) after the move was one of the most time consuming, tedious, and frustrating aspects of moving.


Buying cardboard boxes is an expensive proposition. So is driving around town to find them and pick them up. This endeavor not only costs money for the gas, but it adds more pollutants into the air, burns fossil fuels (unless you’re driving an electric or biodiesel vehicle), and takes valuable time on your part.

Then there are all the peripherals: scissors, tape, etc. that you need in order to reinforce and seal the cardboard boxes. Don’t forget the time it takes to tape up and seal the boxes too. Those things factor into the costs as well.

Once you receive your boxes from FROGBOX, all you need to do is fill them up. They are easier to handle (especially with the ergonomic handle), and they stack easily on top of each other so you can easily stack them on a hand truck for easy transport and stacking inside of moving trucks and vans. FROGBOX even offers rental of dollies (hand trucks) to make your move easier.

Even better, all FROGBOX boxes are also waterproof — meaning you can move in the rain without worries over your possessions getting ruined because Mother Nature decided to rain on your moving day.

Of course the biggest reason of all to consider using FROGBOX moving boxes for your move is 196.9 million square miles of surface space – planet Earth.

What’s the Big GREEN Deal about FROGBOX?

Ultimately, the recyclable FROGBOX moving boxes can be used hundreds of times for hundreds of moves while the average cardboard box is only good for one or two moves before being broken down and shipped off to a landfill.

Don’t people recycle cardboard boxes?

Some do, it’s true, but not all. And, according to the EPA, it is better to reuse than to recycle because the process of recycling requires a great deal of energy. With the typical FROGBOX being reused hundreds of times before ultimately being recycled, it is already exceeding the “green” capabilities of the cardboard standard when it comes to moving boxes and significantly reducing the carbon footprint when compared to cardboard moving boxes.

Going beyond the boxes, though, there are other ways that FROGBOX is making a difference for Mother Nature and planet Earth. One is through the use of biodiesel in their delivery trucks. This cuts down on emissions and pollutants and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

Another way is through the purchase of solar hosting for their business websites. They believe that small moves can make a difference and are leading the way by example. It’s great to see a business that’s not just selling the idea of a more sustainable way of life, but also do their part to promote it on a more personal level.

One measure FROGBOX has taken to improve their impact on the planet is by enlisting the services of Climate Smart to audit their practices and show them areas where improvements can be made for the sake of the planet and also showing areas where the efforts provide minimal return on their investments. This has helped FROGBOX identify areas where they can get greater returns on their investments in the planet.

What about the Frogs?

FROGBOX has no problem telling you all about how they are investing in the planet. In fact, they’ve put their money on it by investing one percent of their gross revenue to the worthy cause of frog habitat restoration.

Worldwide, nearly one-third of all amphibian species are in danger. On the IUCN red list, some species of frogs, such as the Titicaca Waterfrog, appear on the critically endangered list.

In fact, current rates indicate that frogs are disappearing faster than the dinosaurs. Since frogs are indicator species, FROGBOX believes that we should all work together to help restore their habitats in our own backyards and beyond.

FROGBOX offers consumers a green option for the moving process – something almost unheard of before. They’ve even been awarded the Best Green Business award for Small Business BC in 2011.

FROGBOX believes the service they provide exceed that of cardboard boxes in three highly important ways:

  1. Affordability
  2. Convenience
  3. Environmental Impact

As a result they are passionate about the service they provide and it shows in every aspect of their business.

With recent focus among consumers shifting to more environmentally sustainable businesses, it seems that this is certainly an idea whose time has come. Check out FROGBOX and see what it has to offer you for your next move. You just might find that you never want to return to the old ways of doing things.

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