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Top 10 Anxiety-Relieving Apps

These are anxious times for everyone. World leaders are taking unprecedented actions to moderate the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether you are feeling apprehensive about your job, your health, having trouble sleeping, or simply feeling anxious, these 10 anxiety-relieving apps can help.

1. Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers are courses on how to meditate along with an extensive library of 35,000 guided meditations for sleep, anxiety, and more. It is available as a free app on Apple and Android devices. It also offers a paid subscription service that costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year for premium services.

2. Calm

Calm promotes meditations with various guest instructors and mindfulness, even offering a daily mindfulness calendar to community members. The Calm app is free to download and use for the first seven days. It costs $12.99 per month, $59.99 per year, and $299.99 for a lifetime membership subscription.

3. Colorfy

Sometimes what you really need to escape anxiety, and enhance your own sense of calm, is a distraction. Colorfy provides that distraction through anti-stress coloring. By focusing your attention on the beautiful designs you’re creating, you’re entering your own focused state of meditation and calm. The app itself is free to download, and subscriptions are available for $2.99 per week, $7.99 per month, and $39.99 per year.

4. Headspace

Offering themed courses, daily meditations, sleep sounds, and bedtime exercises, Headspace is free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It offers a one or two-week free trial, and has a variety of subscription plans available. Individual plans are available for $12.99 monthly and $69.99 annually.

5. Tide

Promoting mindfulness and medication at the same time, Tide offers a wide range of sounds that can be used along with meditations and breathing activities. There are even a few surprising sounds that are more soothing than you might expect for use with this app. Tide is a robust free app, but offers in app purchases as well.

6. Rootd

For people with anxiety that generates panic attacks, Rootd is the app for you. It offers education, breathing exercises, and more to help guide people through panic attacks. This allows app users to face panic attacks head on, and find relief as quickly and painlessly as possible. There are a variety of services available for free, and subscriptions are available monthly for $6.99 per month, and annually for $59.99.

7. Simple Habit

Overcome the burnout experience with Simple Habit. This app offers opportunities to focus on daily stress relief, in as little as five minutes of meditation, and also offers a dedicated “burnout” playlist to ease your anxiety. It is available for Android and Apple devices, and costs $11.99 per month, $89.89 per year, or $299.99 for a lifetime subscription.

8. Stop, Breathe & Think

Promoting the basic tenets of anxiety-busting meditation, Stop, Breathe & Think encourages users to do just that. The app offers an All Ages + Kids package that is somewhat unique. It specifically addresses anxiety and meditation in children and adults through exercises, meditations, and short activities. This membership costs vary depending on the age group, currently from $4.91 per month to $5.91 per month.

9. Happify

Seeking to help users overcome stress, negative thoughts, and challenges that weigh them down, Happify utilizes evidence-based solutions for improving mental health. Members receive daily videos and infographics designed to help them achieve better lives. The free version is robust, but subscribers pay $14.95 per month for month to month memberships.


Sometimes it’s about tuning your brain into the right frequency. This is what does to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and improve focus. While basic services of the app are available at no cost to consumers, premium services are available after a 5-session free trial, for $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Each of these anxiety-relieving apps has something unique to offer that makes it stand out as one of the top 10 anxiety-relieving apps. Keep in mind, cost amounts may change. Most apps offer some services for free, or a full-access free trial to allow you to determine which app, or apps, are best for you during these anxiety-inducing days.

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