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Best Mattress for Under $1,000

Eco Bliss hybrid latex mattress

Weighing in just under the $1,000 price point, PlushBeds Queen Size Eco Bliss hybrid latex mattress is an excellent choice for anyone interested in twenty or more years of comfortable sleep. And who isn’t, right? Part of the beauty is the long 20-year warranty, but that’s only the beginning of the many great things to remember when comparing this mattress to others in the same price range.

Best of Both Worlds

With the Eco Bliss hybrid latex mattress, you get the benefits of 100 percent natural latex for unsurpassed pressure relief while you sleep, as well as the CertiPUR certified PlushFoam mattress core. The core is the most critical part of the mattress when it comes to longevity.

Mattresses with inferior cores break down and begin to sag quickly. No one wants to sleep on a saggy mattress, and if you haven’t slept on a saggy mattress, consider yourself lucky. Some of them are even made with dangerous chemicals.

The CertiPUR certification means that the Eco Bliss mattress core is made without noxious chemicals for better indoor air quality. These mattress cores have also been rigorously tested for durability and performance.

One Hundred Night Comfort Exchange

Many people fail to understand that trying a mattress out in store and lying down on it for 30 or so minutes provides no real clues as to how well that mattress is going to feel once your body has had a chance to adjust to the mattress. It generally takes at least a month or two to gauge how well the mattress really fits your sleep needs.

The Eco Bliss mattress offers the 100-night comfort exchange program so that you can change out the firmness of the mattress for a flat $45 shipping fee. Even better, you don’t have to send the entire mattress back to make the change since the layers of the Eco Bliss mattress aren’t glued together.

If you decide this is simply not the mattress for you, within the 100-night period, you can also elect to send the mattress back altogether for a flat rate shipping fee of $99. There are no restocking fees or other surprise expenses coming your way.

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Custom Firmness

You have the option of two levels of mattress firmness: medium or medium-firm. Your mattress is custom made when you order it, allowing you the option of picking the perfect mattress for your needs. Side sleepers prefer the medium mattress as it provides outstanding pressure point relief while also offering an incredible amount of support and comfort. The medium firm is well suited for back sleepers who prefer firmer sleep surfaces for unparalleled support.

Earth Friendly

From the natural latex rubber used in creating the latex layer of the mattress to the CertiPUR certified foam layer and the wool fire barrier, this mattress is as friendly to the planet as it is to the people who sleep on it. Add that to the absence of certain petrochemicals and glues, and it’s no wonder this mattress is a real winner in its price range as well as in comparison to higher price ranges.

Then there’s the 20-year warranty. Mattresses occupy a great deal of landfill space around the world. Most mattresses last an average of seven years before requiring replacement. These mattresses last nearly three times that long. It’s an all-around win for Mother Earth.

The benefits of this latex mattress at a price that’s less than $1,000 makes it a winning choice for the best mattress for under $1,000 category. There’s no time like the present to begin your 100-night sleep trial!

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