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Best Mattress for Intimacy

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Intimacy in a relationship is as important as a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s necessary that during your search for the perfect mattress you keep both these things in mind. Whether your relationship is swimming in intimacy for the moment or you’re struggling to try to find time for it, finding the best mattress for couples like you will help you enjoy better quality sleep, which will in turn improve intimacy in your relationship.

Find the Mattress Most Appropriate for Your Sleep Style

The way you sleep as a couple says a great deal about the level of intimacy in your relationship. At least, that’s what a recent study involving 2,000 couples has uncovered.

Medical Daily reports on the survey and how it reveals that the movie romance position where a woman lies on her man’s chest is extremely rare and generally only limited to very new or newly rekindled intimate relationships. The surprising revelation is that couples who sleep back to back, without touching, are often extremely confident in their relationships. According to the article, they feel connected and are both independent enough as individuals to sleep separately. This is referred to as the “Liberty” position.

The secret to success for selecting the right mattress is to choose one that works for preferred sleep positions now and those that are likely to evolve as the relationship changes and grows. Firm support and soft comfort, like you’ll find with a natural latex mattress, is an excellent choice. You also get the additional benefit of the cooling factor these mattresses have to balance the added heat of a sleep partner.

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Mattress Ratings and Sex

According to the website,, one of the best mattresses for sexual intimacy is the latex mattress. Nick Robinson, owner of the website, surveyed 443 mattress owners and found that over 78% of latex mattress owners found latex to be average or better for sex. In comparison to memory foam (60% of memory foam mattress owners found memory foam to be average or better for sex), inner spring (74% satisfaction), airbeds (60% satisfaction), and waterbeds (70% satisfaction), latex is the clear winner. The factors taken into account and given grades by each of the various mattress owners were “active sex friendly”, “bouncy”, “allows discretion”, “durable”, “many positions”, “comfortable”, “allows faster climax”, and “whole bed suitable”. It’s an interesting study, and can be accessed here to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of sex with each mattress type. PlushBeds is proud to have high, unbiased customer satisfaction ratings with our all-natural latex mattresses on that website and many others.

What if You’re Too Tired for Intimacy?

This is a much more common problem than you may realize. John  Thurman, M.Div., M.A., LCMHC, cites a recent National Sleep Foundation study that discovered 42 percent of couples are too tired for sexual intimacy. His recommendation for the challenge that presents is to schedule time for intimacy. While it may seem awkward at first, doing this with regularity in the beginning leads to more spontaneous intimacy within a short amount of time.

Another suggestion for renewing intimacy in the bedroom is to get rid of the tech. A recent MSN article interviewed Dr. Robert Oexman of the Sleep to Live Institute based in Missouri. He says that two things should happen in the bedroom: sleep and intimacy. He goes on today that electronic gadgets in the bedroom rob people of both. It’s not just televisions anymore though. Now there are mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, handheld video games and more. Imposing a ban on all such gadgets in the bedroom allows couples to get more rest and enjoy better (and more frequent) intimacy.

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. Getting the right mattress can provide better sleep and improve intimacy in a relationship. In addition to getting the best mattress for the money, which will help relieve money-related stress, getting rid of technology in the bedroom and scheduling intimacy during times of drought can greatly improve the emotional relationship and the physical relationship at the same time.

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