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Best Plush Mattress

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Plush mattresses are the happy medium mattresses for many consumers. They are the type of mattress Goldilocks would have chosen. They are not too soft and not too firm. Because they are so popular, there are many options available for people looking to buy them. With so many options, how do you know which mattresses are the best plush mattresses for your investment?

Personal Comfort

There is a wide gulf between firm mattresses and pillow-top or soft mattresses. Plush mattresses cover the gap with a wide range of firmness options in the middle. It may still take some doing to find the perfect comfort fit for your best night’s sleep. If it’s too soft, you’ll have a difficult time finding an adequate amount of support. On the other hand, if the mattress is too firm, you may feel a little pain around your pressure points now or over time. One of the wonderful things about latex mattresses is that you can get the perfect combination of firm support and plushness as well, all in the same mattress. This is done by choosing what ILD (firmness measure) works best for your personal taste – a pretty simple and straightforward task.

The bottom line is that you’re going to have to explore your options before you buy. Test drive a few different firmness levels in stores or consider a natural latex foam mattress, direct from a manufacturer, that allows some degree of adjustability in firmness and plushness — even after the sale.

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Healthy Compromise

Keep in mind that you’re often buying mattresses for two people – not just one. This often makes it difficult to find the perfect fit for each person. Plush mattresses are often healthy compromises. You don’t want to undermine the work you’re doing finding a great plush mattress that’s a healthy compromise for both of you, only to sacrifice other health issues by choosing mattresses that are highly susceptible to mildew, mold, dust, dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs. Natural latex foam is both plush and healthy.

You also want to avoid mattresses filled with an abundance of petrochemicals that may cause health problems in addition to terrible mattress off gassing in the initial days and weeks of ownership.

Planetary Concerns

In addition to off gassing, mattresses made with petrochemicals present another problem for many mattress buyers. That problem has to do with landfills stacked high with chemical-laden mattresses. Those chemicals break down over time and seep into the earth and water nearby. It’s not a pretty picture for Mother Nature when this happens.

Keep the warranty and life expectancy of the mattress in mind when you buy too. The more often mattresses need to be replaced, the sooner they’ll be occupying space in those landfills. Choose mattresses with a longer lifespan and made with all natural (even organic, if possible) materials so that they pose little threat to the planet (i.e. are eco-friendly) — even after their usefulness to you has passed.

The best plush mattresses for you are going to be the mattresses that provide a comfortable balance of softness and support, that fit your budget, that work well for both partners (if applicable), and that do not have a significant and profoundly negative impact on the planet.

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