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How to Compare Latex Mattress Brands

If this is your first time purchasing a latex mattress, the wide range of brands and options might be a little bit confusing. On the outside looking in, one brand looks much the same as any other. There are, however, a few things you should look for that may help you make your buying decision.

Read Third Party Reviews

Third party means that no one has a vested interested in the positivity or negativity of the review. It’s an independent review where the consumer presenting the view has been verified as someone who has purchased the product. These are often the most honest reviews about the buying experience and the mattress itself.

Just remember to read the reviews for informational purposes regarding the brand and not the opinion of the reviewer. Sometimes, the things that were negative aspects to the reviewer will actually be positive factors for you. Think Goldilocks – many opinions on firmness, softness, support, etc. are in the eyes of the beholder.

Make Apples to Apples Comparisons

It’s unfair to compare Brand X’s synthetic latex mattress with Brand Y’s 100 percent natural latex mattress. The costs of a natural latex mattress with no synthetic material or blending is much higher than blends and synthetics, the benefits being the natural mattress is more durable, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, and offers a considerably longer warranty. Make a note of the options available by various latex mattress brands so that you’re sure you are making accurate comparisons.

Manufacturing Process Comparisons

There are two methods of manufacturing that are widely used in the making of latex mattresses. They are Talalay and Dunlop. The Dunlop method is more traditional and has been in use since 1929. The process involves pouring a frothy mixture of rubber sap into a mold, covering it, and then heating it until the foam sets. The result of this method is a mattress that tends to be firmer than Talalay mattresses.

The Talalay process of manufacturing adds more steps to the process by sealing it within a vacuum chamber, which sucks out the air and more evenly distributes the foam particles. Then the foam is flash frozen prior to heating. The additional steps make Talalay mattresses slightly more expensive; however, they also provide a softer, yet supportive, sleep surface. The key is to find brands that offer the specific manufacturing process you’re most interested in purchasing. It should be noted that the Dunlop process produces a longer-lasting material, and is often a much better option for the mattress core, while Talalay is a great choice for a top comfort layer because of it’s softness.

Manufacturer vs. Reseller

Finally, don’t forget to consider whether you have the option to purchase directly from the manufacturer with the brand you choose, or if you can only purchase through resellers. More often than not, you’ll have more options in the construction of your mattress when dealing directly with the manufacturers. Resellers are often limited in their product offerings, only able to sell you a “one size fits all”, and are unlikely to be able to offer custom orders.

There are plenty of brands available when it comes to latex mattresses. Keeping these things in mind helps you find the right brand for you.

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