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Natural Latex Foam

The American Chiropractic Association says that, “Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. In fact, back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.” Since new mattresses are often recommended as a first line of defense against back pain, it makes perfect sense that millions of Americans each year are beginning to explore their mattress options in search of something better than what they currently have. One option that more and more people are turning to is the natural latex foam mattress. How much do you know about this mattress?

What is Latex Foam?

Natural latex foam is made of natural, botanical secretions. Most of the latex that’s used in foam comes from Hevea brasiliensis, otherwise known as the rubber tree plant. It is possible to find synthetic latex foam on the market today. However, none of the synthetic lines have come close, as of yet, to matching the natural characteristics that can only be found in authentic botanical latex. The added benefit is that rubber trees recover quickly from their secretions being tapped so this is a quickly renewed and replenished process.

What does Latex Foam Feel Like?

Part of the reason for the wide and growing success of latex foam mattresses is the fact that it feels great to sleep on. Latex foam is created with an open cell structure that wicks heat away from the body making for a much better night’s sleep. The main benefit, however, for people who suffer from back pain is that it provides a continuous source of orthopedic support. It has the firmness necessary to provide that support, but provides enough “give” so that it contours to the natural curves your body has to offer.

What Benefits does Latex Foam Offer?

Latex foam offers many benefits to consider. Because it is made from rubber tree secretions, it has many of the properties rubber trees have in their forest homes including: bacteria resistance, mildew resistance, mold resistance, and resistance to odors from germs as well. Latex also minimizes motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other allowing you to sleep undisturbed even if your partner wakes frequently throughout the evening.

What are the Different Types of Latex Foam?

All natural latex foam is a higher quality and higher demand item. Generally, your options include natural botanical latex, synthetic latex, and blended latex, which combines the botanical latexes with synthetics latex (usually 30 percent natural and 70 percent synthetic).

When you’re in the market for a new mattress, the price and benefits of natural latex are certainly worth your consideration – especially if you’re having difficulty sleeping on your current mattress. You never know how much of a difference mattresses like this can make until you feel the difference for yourself.

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