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PlushBeds New Patent Pending Memory Foam

“PlushBeds’ patent pending memory foam is made with the latest technology for

cooling comfort and superior support. Laboratory testing has demonstrated

vastly improved properties compared to common foams with low air-flow.”

Bruce Peterson Inventor of modern open-cell memory foam

Of course, you’re probably wondering what exactly that means for you. You hear tall tales from mattress makers all the time. Why is this bed any different?


The truth is that not all memory foam beds are created equal. Some are so soft you feel like you’re sleeping on the Titanic – and sinking fast – when you climb into bed at night.

Others are so hot you feel like you’ve relocated to the Sahara Desert at high noon. There’s just no air flowing through. Combine that with the sinking sensation as the body burrows into the dense foam, and things heat up pretty fast.

Knowing these things about traditional memory foam may leave you with doubts about this groundbreaking memory foam technology. The thing is, the claims are true with the PlushBeds new patent-pending memory foam mattresses. These are just a few of the things that set PlushBeds memory foam mattresses apart from so many others flooding the market.

Mattresses Sleep Cooler

PlushFoamTM memory foam used in PlushBeds memory foam mattresses offers expanded air flow, allowing heat and moisture to dissipate three times faster than other memory foam products.

While heat retention was a common problem in the original and even second generation foam mattresses, the third generation of foam mattresses saw the introduction of gel to the memory foam mattresses in addition to the open cell technology used in PlushBeds memory foam mattresses providing a much cooler, more restful sleep.

Improved Pressure Relief

PlushFoamTM provides improved pressure absorption along with enhanced recovery responses in order to offer a sleeping experience unlike any other. In addition to the benefit of pressure relief for a good night’s sleep, our PlushBeds mattresses are also highly resilient, meaning they return to their original shape once you’re no longer in the bed.

Unsurpassed Support

The PlushBeds name is one that is synonymous with delivering outstanding support in mattresses, and the PlushFoam memory foam mattresses do not disappoint. It’s the combination of 100 percent natural latex as a transitional layer underneath the memory foam that provides a floating sensation, not a sinking one, while you sleep.

Greater Range of Temperature

Finally, the open cell structure of PlushFoamTM memory foam mattresses allows them to maintain a consistent feel for a wider variety of external temperatures than the average competitor’s memory foam mattresses. Considering how problematic heat retention has been for memory foam mattresses in the past, this is big news.

You’ll have to decide for yourself what the right mattress choice for your needs happens to be. If you want top quality support, maximum pressure relief, and a cooler night’s sleep, a PlushFoamTM memory foam mattress is the perfect place to begin.

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