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Sex or Sleep? Stop Sacrificing One for the Other!

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In the past few years there has been a huge increase in the number of consumers buying memory foam mattresses (almost 20% of the mattress market). This makes good sense: they’re comfortable (especially in the first year), lightweight, and readily available online. However, what many people don’t realize is that memory foam mattresses can really affect the quality of their intimate lives. There are a lot of things people do in bed, and sleeping is just one of them. For those other things, having a surface with traction is critical. Otherwise, maneuvering can be akin to walking in mud… difficult and tiring. Expending this kind of effort when you’re trying to be intimate can really kill the mood. Your bed should make your bedroom life easier, more pleasant, and more fun. It shouldn’t be making things more complicated.

What Makes Memory Foam So Difficult?

Memory foam is extremely compressible, which is wonderful if you like a super soft bed. Many people find it envelopes them in a cozy, sleepy embrace. In some cases it’s also available for hundreds of dollars less than a traditional mattress, an attractive feature of any piece of furniture (though of course, like anything, there are plenty of high-end memory foam mattresses that present these exact same challenges). What these mattresses provide in coziness they lack in support. Most memory foam mattresses don’t have any internal architecture. They’re just slabs of squish. This can actually cause recreational injury, hyperextending the lower back of the partner on the bottom. Additionally, most memory foam isn’t breathable. It traps heat and, in addition to the resulting night sweats, can make any kind exertion extremely unpleasant.

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The Subtler Effects of a Non-Conducive Mattress

You may not realize the effect your mattress is having on your relationship. I’m not talking about feng shui, I’m talking about psychology. These frustrations and discomforts may seem like a small thing, but do you really want to associate frustration and discomfort with intimacy? The psychology of intimacy is complex and it’s not fully understood. Clearly though, creating the best possible bedroom environment supports the healthiest possible relationship.

Say Goodbye to the Ultimate Bedroom Dilemma: Problem Solved

Fortunately, unsupportive and unbreathable memory foam mattresses aren’t your only memory foam option. For example, Plushfoam is a high-density foam. It offers more resistance than the traditional squish of memory foam, which makes maneuvering a whole lot easier. It’s designed to balance softness with stable support, to give you the best of both worlds. It also features a PlushAir airflow system for comfortable ventilation, no matter how hot things get. So be memory foam mattress savvy the next time you’re shopping for one. Your partner will thank you for it!

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