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Very few people will even attempt to argue that getting too little sleep is good for humans. But that doesn’t make it any easier for the millions of people, globally, who suffer from frequent or chronic sleep deprivation to find those elusive winks at night. Now, however, help has arrived in the form of several sleep gadgets designed to make grabbing those forty winks a dream. Here are just a sampling of them.

Sleep Sound Therapy System

There are many things that go into creating the ideal atmosphere for sleep. These things include common things you’re sure to think of such as:

But, there is one common ingredient people often forget. That is an atmosphere that is free from noise distractions as well. That’s where the Sleep Sound Therapy System reigns supreme. This device masks the noises all around you, and convinces your brain that it really is time to tune out and allow you to get the sleep you so desperately need.

sleep mask

Glo to Sleep Mask

Perhaps you’ve tried dozens of different sleep masks over the years to block out the light so you can really sleep at night, but without any degree of success.  People with long eyelashes, especially, find most sleep masks to be more worry than they are worth. Or maybe you’ve used blackout window film to keep your bedroom in darkness.

The Glo to Sleep Mask, however, is different than the average mask you’ve tried before. First of all, the mask itself sits off the face, meaning that it’s much more likely to accommodate longer lashes than the typical eye mask. Second, this mask provides more than a simple blackout process. It has blue lines on the inside that blink and fade away as you begin to fall asleep.

aXbo Alarm Clock

This gadget gives you what you really need in order to get more rest from your sleep than you have in a long time. How does it work? The aXbo Alarm Clock is a wristband-based sleep system that monitors your sleep patterns in order to determine the moment during your sleep phases to wake you rather than relying on the numbers on your clock alone.

There’s even a version of this clock available for couples so that neither of you ever need to worry about waking at a moment that’s going to leave you feeling groggier than ever before. For anyone who’s getting the right number of hours of sleep at night but still struggling to wake feeling rested, this is a great gadget to consider.

Gadgets are used for a wide range of things. Most of them designed to make our lives better. It makes sense that there are quite a few nice sleep gadgets on the market today to help in that endeavor.

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