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Types of Sleep Masks

When you desperately need to get better sleep at night, there are a few things that can help you do just that. The first thing many people consider is purchasing a new mattress. An old mattress that is lumpy and bumpy won’t cut it in the sleeping better department.

While it is important to have a top quality mattress, you may also be struggling with the light shining in through your windows, particularly if you are not using blackout curtains or blackout window film. Sleep masks are an excellent way to remedy this, with many different styles to choose from. Here is more information about sleep masks and how you will benefit from them.

Benefits of Sleeping Masks

Different types of sleep masks will benefit you in different ways. Some include materials built in that help reduce lines and wrinkles around your eyes and provide excellent soothing powers. Others block out unwanted light and help relax your body. Balancing your circadian rhythms is another excellent benefit, which may be disrupted when there are artificial light sources nearby. You may also be able to get better REM sleep by using sleep masks.

Being able to recall the dreams you have had is another benefit you may have when you utilize a sleep mask (as long as your dreams aren’t nightmares that is). Many experts believe when you are able to have a relaxed sleep without light disturbances, you can actually focus more on your dreams, and remember them upon waking. Of course, a sleep mask can be used for meditation during the day as it also helps to focus inward without distractions.

Types of Sleep Masks

The following types of sleep masks help you benefit by getting a better night’s sleep:


The fleece sleep mask is not only efficient at improving your sleep, but the soft material is also very comfortable. The feeling of the sleep mask itself won’t get in the way of your sleep because you should enjoy the feel of the material. It will be warm, soft, and fuzzy against your face. Some fleece masks contour to your face so that they block out light from all sides.


The most affordable sleep mask is the traditional nylon eye mask. They are typically only a few dollars, are comfortable, and are another great option for blocking out unwanted light. Nylon sleep masks are a good choice whether you have bright street lights outside your window in the middle of the night or if you nap during the day and have problems with the sunlight keeping you awake.


Gel sleep masks not only help provide light-blocking benefits, but they improve medical conditions and soften your skin. The gel material is an excellent relief for eye strain, sinus pressure, and migraines. If you have a tendency to wake up with migraines or sinus headaches, consider getting a gel sleep mask.


For complete blackout, people often prefer the foam sleep masks. These mold to the contours of your face, allowing you maximum light blocking potential. They are similar to fleece sleep masks, except they are even better for molding to the shape of your eyes and face.

To get a better night’s sleep, upgrade your mattress (consider a natural latex mattress) and choose from one of these excellent types of sleep masks.

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