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Cures for Bed Sores

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A blog like this one allows us to have a lot of fun and talk about a whole slew of interesting topics. One topic we’ve yet to cover that can be slightly unpleasant is the topic of bed sores. Those two little words leave most people shuttering in their latex mattresses. Fear not, because bed sores are preventable and treatable. Let’s go over some natural cures for bed sores that will keep you in tip-top shape!

Before finding out how to cure bed sores, let’s learn what causes them.

  • Shearing and Friction: If a bedridden person is pulled or dragged from his or her bed it causes friction and stretches the skin muscles. Blood circulation of the skin gets marred which causes the damage and bed sores.
  • Moisture: Skin is very sensitive at this stage. Perspiration, bed-wetting or feces leads to furthermore chances of bed sores.
  • Lack of Movement: People, who have been bedridden for a prolonged period of time due to severe medical conditions, bear the brunt. Being in a same position without any movement is one of the main reasons for bed sores.
  • Lack of Nutrition: A good diet can help you fight this condition easily. Due to lack of proteins, vitamins and other required substances in the body, the patient suffers moreover.
  • Age: An elderly person is mainly affected because youth is not on his or her side. The thin skin and failing bodily functions deteriorates the chances of revival.
  • Lack of Sensation: An injury which leaves you without sensation is another reason for bed sores. This lack of sensation does not allow you to determine the immensity of the pressure applied on the skin.

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To prevent bed sores, try the following home remedies and preventative measures.

Preventative Measures

  • Enhance circulation to your skin by keeping your legs elevated at night (try elevated leg pillows).
  • If you’re in bed for a long time, apply vitamin E to your body to keep excess moisture away.
  • A rich and healthy diet of vitamins like A, B, C, E and zinc is very important in preventing bed sores.
  • Avoid meat and include fiber in your diet.

Natural Home Remedies:

  • Fill lysol in a spray can and spray it daily on your entire body to prevent excess germs.
  • Pouring sugar and honey poultice on the bed sore wound helps to remove the poison from the wound.
  • You can also apply zinc oxide ointment, aloe vera, wheat germ oil or comfrey.
  • Mix powdered comfrey leaves and slippery elm in equal parts to make a paste. Put this paste on piece of cloth and tie it to the sore overnight. To disinfect the area you can sprinkle goldenseal or echinacea powder. Later cover the sore with cotton.

Let us know what remedies work for you when it comes to bed sores. Good luck!

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