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Dangers of Smoking in Bed

While we all know the dangers that smoking cigarettes and tobacco in general can do to our bodies, there are many other dangers that smoking poses for those who continue to smoke despite the warnings. One of the most dangerous places to smoke cigarettes is in your very own bed. While some of the danger in it may seem obvious, there are some dangers of smoking in bed that you might not even think about. It’s important to know the risks that smoking can increase and what you can do in the future to decrease these risks and live a healthier and safer life.

LiveStrong breaks down the fire hazards that smoking presents.


When you don’t discard a cigarette properly, loose embers that are hot can ignite when they come in contact with a flammable surface. Never throw a used cigarette in an indoor garbage can; instead, make sure the cigarette is thoroughly extinguished, and place in a metal or glass ashtray. The best option is a wide-rimmed “safety ashtray” with a deep center. Consider soaking cigarette butts in water before discarding in an outdoor garbage can, or even before letting them rest in the ashtray.

Falling Asleep

Smoking in bed is asking for trouble. If you get drowsy and nod off before you have a chance to properly extinguish your cigarette, it can easily land in the wrong place and ignite. Don’t take cigarettes to your bedroom. Smoke standing or sitting up, in a different room, and take all precautions to put out your cigarette before going to bed. A study published by the University of California Davis reported that smoking is a leading cause of fire-related deaths and house fires that costs human lives. Smoking in bed is a main cause of fire-related deaths because smokers fall asleep with burning cigarettes on their beds. The number of house fires started by smokers in bed can’t always be determined, but it seems that more often than not, it is the cause of these detrimental fires.

High-Risk Areas

It is unsafe to smoke in places where combustible or flammable materials are kept or in places with a large amount of sawdust, plastic or metal powders that may explode when ignited. Avoid smoking in garages, workshops and other places that may bear these hazards, and always obey “No Smoking” signs wherever you go.

Besides the safety factors of smoking in bed, there is another factor that shouldn’t be overlooked – the sanitary factor. Think of how unappealing it would be to go to bed at night in a mattress that reeks of smoke. Cigarette smoke and debris trapped in your mattress can cause allergies, lead to trouble breathing and asthma which can lead to sleep apnea. Do yourself and your latex mattress a favor by not smoking in bed. For help on quitting smoking for good and not just in your bed, check out these helpful resources. Good luck!

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