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Too Tired to Sleep

Sleep, aside from food and water, is one of the most important things the body needs in order to repair itself, recover from injuries, and prepare to face the day. People who have difficulty sleeping or are unable to get an adequate amount of sleep will often find their communication ability, critical thinking, and even mobility are impaired—especially those who suffer from long-term sleep deprivation.

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you wake up feeling well-rested most mornings, or do you find yourself hitting the snooze button a few too many times once morning rolls around?

What if You’re Too Tired to Sleep?

Believe it or not, some people feel so tired and yet are unable to fall asleep. Any parent who has gone through the terrible two’s knows what it’s like to have a little one fighting sleep. The child is sleepy, it’s past nap time or bed time, and the child is struggling, fighting, wailing, and crying—anything to keep from going to sleep.

When you’re overly tired, sleep can be incredibly elusive leaving you feeling as frustrated as an overstimulated child fighting sleep. Your body is screaming for sleep, but your mind simply won’t shut off and let it happen.

This resulting insomnia is the result of too little energy rather than too much, according to Dr. John Douillard, who is the director of the LifeSpa- Ayurvedic Retreat Center in Boulder, CO, He goes on to say that “a person at this deep level of exhaustion may not have enough energy to settle their moods, and the result is that they stay wired, unable to truly rest.”

Unfortunately, many people in this cycle of exhaustion and sleeplessness often turn to the solutions such as sleeping pills and sedative remedies, which may not be the best first choice. Rejuvenation through a natural remedy, not sedation is the solution to this problem.

Primary Sleep Issues

There are primarily two types of sleep issues that have an effect on the general public. Difficulty going to sleep and difficulty remaining asleep. Either problem can be disturbing to deal with and cause your body to dive further into the cycle of sleeplessness.

1) Difficulty going to sleep is the result of excess pitta (heat) in the body, says Dr. Douillard. His recommended course of action in this case is to find a natural herb, such as Brahmi, that will prevent pitta from building up, and which helps support a bedtime of between 10pm and 2am. Dr. Douillard also advises a warm cup of milk with a pinch of the following: ginger, dates, crushed almonds, cardamon, coconut, and ghee. He recommends adding honey to the milk after boiling. Of course, there are other natural remedies for sleep as well.

2) Difficulty remaining asleep is often the result of excess vata, according to Dr. Douillard. An excess of vata will result in an overly excited nervous system sometime between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning. If your body doesn’t have the required energy reserves to pacify itself so that it can remain asleep you’re going to find yourself awake, restless, and exhausted throughout the following day. He recommends herbs that provide deep rejuvenation, such as Ashwagandha to provide the type of deep rejuvenation that makes sleeping throughout the night possible. Other tips Dr. Douillard gives is to take a hot bath or shower or reading a boring book before bed.

Whether you’re struggling with a deep exhaustion that renders you unable to sleep or have one of the common causes of excessive sleepiness mentioned above there are remedies available to help you get the restful night’s sleep you need.

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