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Best Pajamas for Sleeping

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Nearly 75 percent of Americans wear pajamas to bed, according to a poll conducted by Anna’s Linens, a linen and home decor company. Whether they are pajamas, jammies, PJs, sleeping clothes, whatever your special name for them is, it’s valuable to pair the right pajamas with the right season and/or occasion. Taking size, type, fabric, and style into account, keep these things in mind as you shop for the perfect pajamas for any occasion.


Just as mattress sizes are an important consideration for sleep, it is important to choose pajamas that fit properly. If you get them too big, they tend to bunch up uncomfortably or slide off throughout the night. If you get them too small, they feel tight and constrictive, which makes it uncomfortable for sleep.


There are many different types of pajamas:

  • Two-piece sets
  • Nightgowns
  • Oversized T-shirts
  • Lingerie
  • Baby Doll
  • Long Gowns
  • Underwear
  • In the Buff (not technically pajamas)

Your mission is to find night clothes you’re comfortable wearing and that you’re comfortable walking around the house in after hours — even if it means keeping a robe by your bed for the sake of modesty, comfort, or warmth.

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The fabric of your pajamas is more important than you may realize. The National Sleep Foundation recommends dressing children in sleep clothes that are appropriate for the temperature and conditions inside your home as most toddlers and young children are prone to kicking the covers off during the night.

Additionally, choose breathable cotton fabrics to help prevent overheating. Similar to wicking sheets and other performance bedding, some new  types of pajama fabrics work by wicking moisture away from the skin in order to provide a dryer feeling while you sleep and help you keep your cool at night. These, by the way, are a great choice for those who suffer from night sweats.

This same philosophy works with 100 percent natural latex mattresses. They draw the moisture away from the skin allowing cool air to come through and remain close to skin. No more night sweats and you aren’t waking frequently due to being overheated.


Style is important to many people, not only in day wear, but also in night wear. Fortunately, there are many different styles available when it comes to pajamas. Women have the widest range of pajama styles on the market today. The right choice for you depends on your own personal interests, tastes, and desires for the evening.

Lingerie, for instance, sends a certain signal to the special person in your life that love is on your mind. Long flannel nightgowns send the message that you’re settling in for a long, cold winter’s night. Short pajama sets or nightgowns can be fun and flirty or ideal for dorm life and sleepovers with the girls.

Don’t forget to match your pajamas to the season at hand and in a design that sums up your personality quite nicely (whether that is a your favorite sports team or animal print)  in order to get the greatest mileage from your pajama purchases.

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