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The Best Place to Take a Nap

You’ve made it to the noon-time hour and even grabbed a bite to eat. Your belly is full and suddenly your eyelids feel as though they’re made of lead. You desperately want to take a nap, but home, hearth, and bed sweet bed are miles away. What’s a person to do? Thanks to a new nap app, called Google Naps, help is at hand.

What Does Google Nap Do?

It sounds almost too good to be true, but for those who err a little to the adventurous side of life, public napping is all the rage these days – and this nifty app uses geolocation technology in order to show you public napping spaces and options in your area.

While there are a few hidden gems that are excellent choices for indoor napping, most of the public napping spaces use the big sky above as the canopy of choice and may include park benches and public parks or greenways.

It’s an effective tool for sharing great napping hot spots because people can share spots where they actually catch naps when the mood strikes. The more people participate, the better this app becomes at helping people find great places for a harmless afternoon snooze.

Make no mistake, this app is not created by Google, though it is quite the clever play on words for those who often rely on Google maps for directions to anywhere else. Hopefully, the powers that be at Google will have a sense of humor about this app and the good intentions behind it.

You Can Take it with You

While the program is not universally available, it is catching on in many larger cities around the world, including London, Brazil, China, Indonesia, and the U.S. People who travel frequently may find it to be an excellent tool for getting in a quick nap before getting behind the wheel for the long drive home.

Whether you’re much for public napping or not, this tool can be a lot of fun just to check out the area and see if other people are making use of these great locations for napping in the great outdoors.

Creating Your Own Perfect Napping Spaces

Of course there’s no harm in creating your own perfect places to take a nap. The Internet is filled with outstanding inspiration that you can bring into your own home, lawn, and garden to create the next best thing. And really, who can’t get on board for creating the perfect spot for a Saturday afternoon laze-a-thon?

There are endless possibilities from hammocks, swings, giant bean bag nap mats, and futons on a covered porch to waterfront napping hot spots and secluded shaded corners of your garden. The sky is the limit, and the only thing holding you back is your own imagination or a little too much napping to get started.

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