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Couples Sleeping Together Linked to Better Sleep Quality and Health

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love and lovers. Did you know, that in bed, two heartbeats are better than one? At least, that’s what a University of Pittsburgh, Rush University Medical Center, and University of Michigan School of Public Health study determined.

The purpose of the study was to discern whether the status or history of cohabitation during sleep had an impact on sleep outside of any demographic or overall health risk factors.

The study observed women who were Caucasian, African American, and Chinese for a period of 35 nights in the participant’s own homes. The average age of study participants was 51, and there were 360 women who participated in the study.

Sleep quality, sleep duration, and sleep continuity was assessed through an assessment questionnaire, in-home polysomnography (a monitor that records biophysiological changes, such as eye movement, brain function, and muscle movement, etc) and actigraphy (a small wrist-watch size non-invasive device that monitors human rest and activity), respectively.

What Did the Study Discover?

The study determined that women slept better when sleeping with a partner. It further concluded that women who had a long-term history (six to eight years) of consistently sleeping with a partner enjoy better sleep quality than those who do not have that lengthy history or those who had recently lost or gained a sleep partner.

The long and short of the study is that the stable presence of a sleep partner contributes to better sleep quality for women. The study asserts that a woman sleeping with a partner fell asleep faster and woke up less frequently throughout the night than single women or women who have lost or gained partners recently.

It isn’t all chocolate hearts and red rose petals for those who share beds though. There are often general complaints about cover stealing, the disruptions of snoring, and even disturbances as one partner gets up and down in the middle of the night no thanks to frequent urination at night. Overall though, the benefits of sleeping with a partner outweigh the downsides, as far as this study findings reveal.

Does This Mean Romance is in the Air?

One interesting note about the study is that women claimed to have felt better only on nights when the couple engaged in sexual activities. Sleep also seems to have an impact on positive versus negative interactions among couples too — in different ways. Men reported fewer negative interactions with their partners after a good night’s sleep, while women reported a better night’s sleep after a day of fewer negative interactions.

Wendy Troxel, who  was the lead author for the study, suggests that the psychological benefits associated with that intimate closeness trumps the distractions and disturbances of sleeping with a partner.

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