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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites While Sleeping

We’ve all been there before…you wake up after what you think is a sound night of sleep only to find dozens of tiny bites all over your body. You’ve gone to bed with the dreaded mosquito again. No matter how hard you try, it seems like trying to prevent the invasion is impossible. Let’s go over some ways to prevent mosquitoes from going to bed with you.

WikiHow has some great tips for preventing mosquito bites in your bed:

  1. Change your sheets often, or wash the existing ones you have.
  2. Get any comforters or blankets you use professionally cleaned: Bring your comforters and blankets to a professional dry cleaners and request that they be cleaned and treated. Inform them of your concerns. Some cleaners will have processes or relatively safe chemicals to discourage and help prevent bugs (ie: moths, spiders, mosquitoes, etc.) from wanting to nest or move across the fabric.
  3. Switch to a metal bed frame if you currently use a wooden one: Try this temporarily at least if you’re currently suffering from insect bites. Some wooden frames and other furniture may also contain “bed bugs” if not treated correctly. Not only will this eliminate that possibility, but it will also keep your bed frame from being an easy access to the floor. Most metal frames will have wheels on the bottom, which discourages insects from casually climbing up the onto the frame.
  4. Avoid using a headboard that mounts to the wall or rests on the floor. This is another way for insects to easily find a path to your bed. Keep your bed a few inches from any wall. If you can’t sleep without a headboard, use one that attaches to a metal frame.
  5. Keep your sheets tucked in-between the mattress and the box springs: Don’t let them drape on the ground. This helps prevent mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies from crawling up into your bed.
  6. Vacuum thoroughly and regularly: While you should be doing this already to get rid of dust and allergens, especially if you have carpeting, move the bed so you can vacuum underneath it. If you have hard floors, use a mop instead. This will prevent many sleeping problems including mosquito bites.

Some of these changes may seem dramatic, why not try simple ones first and if they don’t work, then resort to more drastic measures, like switching your bed frame. Of course, one of the most important preventive steps you can take in the war against mosquitoes is having clean and natural bedding. This will help prevent the infestation of mosquitoes and all different types of bugs. While it may seem impossible, by following these simple tips and keeping a clean bedroom environment, you’ll be one step closer to ending the battle of the bugs, as a victor.

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