Make Scents: The Five Best Smells for Sleeping Better Tonight

It seems that lately we’re all trying to find natural ways to sleep better, well today let’s talk about one of the most natural ways of all: scents. The best smells for sleeping are ones that you might even have in your home already. While there are tons of scents that can help you to relax and sleep better, everyone has their preference and what works for some people may not always work for others. Let’s look at five scents that are sure to help you relax and get a great night of sleep.

Before adding the perfect scents to your sleep routine, make sure your bedroom is optimized for sleeping with the best environment. This means, be sure to have a botanical foam mattress to prevent allergies and sleep peacefully. Also try to keep technology and harsh lights to a minimum when you’re going to sleep at night.


Lavender is probably the most well known sleep scent and with good reason! Lavender scent seems to permeate relaxation like no other scent can. Rolling just a tad bit of the scent of lavender onto your wrists at night before bed can do wonders for your sleep cycle and relaxation. You can also add the scent to a warm bath at night for even more relaxation.


Just as chamomile tea can do wonders, the scent of chamomile can help with sleeping as well. A lot of experts like to make a chamomile “pillow mist”. The mist is very simple and consists of combining  1/2 cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon of witch hazel and 4-5 drops of chamomile to a spray bottle and shake it up. Then just spray a mist over your pillows before bed to really breathe in the scent of chamomile and put your body and mind at ease for the night.


Bergamot is cold pressed from the fruit peel and is imported from Italy. Bergamot is a pleasant winter oil and is believed to encourage sleep, help in digestion and reduces stress. Try applying bergamot oil lotion on your body before bed at night to inhale a relaxing and enticing aroma that will have you drifting off to dreamland before you’re even done applying it!


Many people will pledge their allegiance to jasmine scents when it comes to sleeping.  German researchers found that the scent of jasmine is as effective as valium and similar drugs for relieving anxiety and promoting sleep. In fact, they reported that two jasmine fragrances have the same neurochemical mechanism of action as barbiturates. Jasmine incense can be a very nice way to fall asleep at night.


Not only does the scents of roses at night help you sleep, but a study even found that smelling rose as you sleep helps to promote a person’s memory capacity! Sleeping with rose scents will not only have you sleeping longer and deeper, but also smarter!

These five scents are just a sample of many smells that can help you wind down for the night. Let us know your favorite scent before bed. Happy sleeping and happy smelling!

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