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New Study Reveals Energy Drinks Disturb Sleep

Have you been having a little bit of trouble sleeping at night? A new study reveals that it may have something to do with the energy drinks you’ve been consuming.

According to the study conducted at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory at Camilo José Cela University in Madrid, Spain, consuming the equivalent of three caffeinated energy drinks containing 240 mg of caffeine total, resulted in increased self-perceived muscle power and various other side effects when compared to a placebo energy drink.

There were no differences in results between men and women as the side effects were quite similar between male and female study participants. The breakdown of side effects uncovered in the study included:

  • Increased Insomnia – 31·2 v. 10·4 percent; P< 0·001
  • Increased Nervousness – 13·2 v. 0 percent; P= 0·002
  • Increased Activeness – 16·9 v. 3·9 percent; P= 0·007

Beyond the Caffeine

The presence of caffeine alone isn’t always the culprit when it comes to energy drinks. In reasonable doses, the impact may not be as notable. Some energy drinks, though, add up to 400 mg of caffeine in each liter of the drink.

While the caffeine presence in these drinks is certainly a contributing factor, The Cubic Lane points out the Spanish team conducting the research found the presence of taurine and B vitamins in these drinks, which exacerbate the sleep killing nature of the caffeine in sports drinks.

It’s the combination of these ingredients, according to The Siasat Daily, along with the carbohydrates commonly found in energy drinks that provide the “energized” feeling sports participants experience after drinking them. This energized feeling can last for a significant amount of time after the competition despite the fact that consumption occurred prior to the contest.

Sports Drink Benefits

While they may be ruining sleep, these energy drinks also provide noteworthy benefits to the players who consume them. The Spanish study revealed an uptick in performance by three to seven percent. The numbers varied according to the athlete, but the improved performance was undeniable.

Participants competing in group sports, such as soccer, for instance, experienced boosts to performance with more movements and greater intensity in their play. Those who participate in individual sports, such a tennis or swimming, on the other hand, enjoyed a considerable increase in speed, as reported in The Cubic Lane.

To Drink or not to Drink?

The choice of better performance vs. a better night’s sleep for many young people is one that is far too easy for them to make. The wise plan, though, for those who are more concerned over athletic performance than a few hours’ sleep is to seek other means of getting a better night’s sleep, like purchasing a high quality natural latex mattress, to make up for the rest sports drinks rob them of.

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