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Premonition Dreams


While many people around the world scoff at the idea of premonition dreams, many people are thought to have had them—even the skeptics. The thing to keep in mind about premonition dreams is that they aren’t always the foretelling of bad things to happen in your life. Sometimes, they bring good news. Unfortunately, those dreams are rarely credited for the premonitions of good fortune they really are.

The science behind dreams is complex, and certainly not clear-cut. While there are the believers that think our dreams — including premonition dreams — mean something, there are other naysayers who don’t.

What is a Premonition Dream?

How do you know a dream you’re having is a premonition dream? What makes it different from other dreams you have? Sometimes a dream is just a dream, right? Premonition dreams are certainly different from lucid dreams, which is the name of the type of dream coined by Frederick van Eeden, and describes the act of dreaming while knowing you are dreaming. However, when dreams foretell a future event, warn of a major health crisis or death (like they did in the Sandra Bullock 2007 film “Premonition“), seem abnormally vivid, recurs over several nights, is shared by others, or occurs in combination with physical symptoms, the chances are that it’s a premonition dream.

Premonition dreams do not always tell of events that are going to take place immediately. Sometimes they will happen within a day, but other times it will take longer for them to happen. Sometimes the dreams are very specific and at other times they are symbolic. Some people never realize the significance of a premonition dream until after the event occurs due to the symbolism, while other people are able to alter events through the forewarning the dream provides.

Wouldn’t this be a Simple Case of Déjà vu?

There are many who believe that premonition dreams are little more than déjà vu. While déjà vu is certainly a type of premonition, it’s not the full extent—nor is déjà vu limited to dreams despite the fact that it is commonly attributed to them. The truth of the matter is that many premonition dreams, as mentioned above, are highly symbolic.

Déjà vu is very specific. More importantly, with déjà vu, you have the feeling you’ve experienced something before as you’re experiencing it — and more than two thirds of us have experienced déjà vu, according to Southern Methodist University. Premonition dreams may be remembered as they occur and can be used to help you alter events to prevent something bad from happening or even to cause something good to happen for yourself or the people you love.


Why Do People Have Premonition Dreams?

There are many different theories about premonition dreams. One common, and completely plausible theory is that we have premonition dreams about things that are weighing heavily upon our conscious and/or subconscious minds. Since these things are on our minds, it make sense that while we’re sleeping, our brains are able to really focus on those things unhindered by other distractions. The dreams are the brains way of letting you know what it’s discovered.

Others believe premonitions are simply expectations you have in your life. “Dreams you are experiencing as premonitions are nothing more than expectations or predictions that you have formed about your life and those of loved one’s and even friends, based on what you know about them and based on what has very recently been happening,” says Dr. Allen Schwartz.

If you believe you’re having premonition dreams, you may want to begin keeping a dream journal by using a simple worksheet or dream journal app to keep track of the dreams you have, when you have them, and when they seem to be coming true. If nothing more, it’s a great way for you to learn more about how your mind works while you’re sleeping and you may discover some amazing truths locked away inside your dreams in the process.

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