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Stick a Foot Outside the Covers to Sleep Better

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While it may seem quirky and a little bit out in left field, there is science behind the fact that sleeping with at least one foot out of the covers improves not only how fast you fall asleep at night, but the quality of your sleep as well.

Cold Feet to Feel Good About

Cold feet is often associated with nerves or jitters. When it’s time to hit the hay, though, cold feet serve a very useful purpose. They help to regulate your overall body temperature. You don’t even have to turn the air conditioner on (or the heater off) to enjoy the temperature regulating benefits of a sleeping with one foot outside of your covers.

If you typically “run” hotter than the people around you, you might want to go for both feet outside instead of just one.

Why would that make you feel good? According to Medical Daily, “Finding the right temperature to sleep in is essential for a good rest.” Besides, everyone feels better after a good night’s sleep. This is not simply about working more hours into your sleep, but also about getting better quality from your sleep.

How Does Sleeping with Your Feet Outside the Covers Help?

According to a recent Yahoo article, body temperature drops while you sleep. Facilitating the drop before going to sleep with a hot shower or warm drink (no caffeine) can prompt the production of melatonin signaling the body that it’s time to sleep. So can sticking your food out of the covers or opening a window to allow cool air from the outside in or lowering your thermostat a few degrees at night.

Why feet?

It may sound a bit unorthodox, but what isn’t these days? Your feet have a unique vascular structure that helps with heat loss. That’s why wearing socks in winter can be such an effective tool for warming up when you feel cool.

It’s Not All About Feet

People don’t need nearly as much warmth to fall asleep as many believe they do. In fact, a room that’s too warm is actually detrimental to getting the rest your body needs. Science of Us suggests that the ideal temperature for getting good quality sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees – though some people may need additional regulating, via slipping feet and/or hands outside of the covers even with the lower temperatures.

As crazy as it seems, you should give it a try the next time you have trouble going to sleep at night. Something as simple as putting your feet outside the covers rather than in, can have a profound impact on your ability to sleep at night. More importantly, it can boost the overall quality of the sleep you get too, just like a natural latex mattress from PlushBeds can.

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