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Survey Results: Couples Who Sleep Closer Together are Happier

The closer you sleep to your significant other, the closer you are as a couple. At least this is the case according to a number of studies, including a recent sleep study from the University of Hertfordshire. The Edinburgh International Science Festival conducted a survey that discovered partners who sleep further than 30 inches apart weren’t as happy in their relationships as those who slept much closer.

How Close is Close Enough?

By contrast, couples who slept closer together, as in one inch or less apart, reported much greater satisfaction within their relationships (86 percent of these were happy compared to only 66 percent of those with more distance between them). It seems that distance, while you are sleeping, is literal as much as it is figurative for romantic partners today.

Another interesting discovery of the survey, was that 91 percent of couples who slept back to back were happy in their relationships as were 91 percent of those who slept facing the same way (while touching). Spooners rejoice, this is you!

How Common is Your Sleep Position?

While 91 percent of couples who sleep back to back report happiness in their relationships, this is also the most common position in which couples sleep, with 42 percent of couples surveyed sleeping this way. In comparison, 31 percent of couples sleep facing the same direction, and four percent face one another throughout the night.

Don’t fret if you and your significant other do not sleep a mere inch or less apart. Only 12 percent of survey responders were that close while sleeping and only two percent fessed up to the wider margin of 30 inches or more space between them as they slumber.

While it’s a fair assertion that sleeping closer together is a sign of greater satisfaction and happiness in the relationship, perhaps that satisfaction and happiness is the effect rather than the cause of said happiness. Seriously, who wants to sleep one inch away from someone you’re not all lovey-dovey with, right? Unless, of course, you’re doing it to stay warm in the dead of winter.

Talk about the Power of Touch

Another key element of the survey was that 94 percent of couples who touch throughout the night reported happiness with their relationships, while this is the case with only 68 percent of people who do not touch.

The good news, any way you look at it, is that most people surveyed did seem to be happy with their relationships. Even better is that we now know yet another sign of relationship bliss.

Of course there are those who believe that a good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world when it comes to relationship happiness. Sometimes, that means sleeping close to the person you love most. Other times, it means working together to find a new mattress that works for both of you. How does your sleeping arrangement compare?

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