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What Is The Best Bed Size?

Do you know what the best bed size is for you? There are so many different theories out there on how to get your best night of sleep but sometimes we overlook the most obvious answer to the question: bed size.

Does Your Bed Size Affect Your Sleep?

While it may sound silly, bed size can seriously affect a person’s sleep every night. Have you ever wondered if you were sleeping on the right size bed? Well look no further, we’re going to break down the best way to decide which size bed is right for you, and from our conclusions, we’ve decided that bigger is usually better when it comes to the perfect size.

According to the Sleep Council, the size of a person’s bed can have a significant effect on the quality of their sleep and their ability to go about their daily tasks and routine. They also advise mattress buyers to always buy as big of a bed as they can, stating that having having a larger bed will considerably improve the chances of a good night’s sleep.

What Size Should Your Bed Be?

Your bed should be around 5 inches longer than your height and a little wider than your arms, when completely stretched out, on each side.

Who Requires A Bigger Bed?

Big beds should not be regarded as a luxury, but rather a necessity in today’s day and age of stress and lack of sleep, it’s important to find ways to relax in even the tiniest of forms. Knowing that you have a big comfy bed to come home to each night gives you something to look forward to. As many people say, “I need my personal space” and the same theory should be true when it comes to your bed.

Here are a few people who may require a bigger bed:

Those with partners. If there are two of you in bed, you should have enough room to lie down side by side with your hands beside your head and your elbows not touching. Even if you enjoy cuddling and snuggling, nothing is more important than the option to toss and turn throughout the night, without hitting into your partner.

Those with back and leg problems. The larger bed gives you the ability to sprawl out and stretch, from side to side, whenever you need to.

Snorers. If you or your partner snore, it’s really important to have a big bed and gain a little distance from the noise. Check out the California King bed (below as well), it’s one of the biggest beds out there!

Active sleepers. If you or your partner tosses and turns during the night, it’s important to have a big bed so that you don’t turn onto your partner during the night.

Those who share a bed with animals or children. If you share your bed with a pet or children, you will want a bigger bed so that everyone has room to sleep comfortably.

Remember, it’s ok for children to fall asleep occasionally in your bed, however, big beds should only be purchased for teenagers and adults. Having infants, toddlers and kids in big beds can pose as a safety hazard so make sure you stick with cribs, toddler beds and twin beds for them!

Mattress Size Guide

Here is a handy mattress size guide, which will help you determine which size bed is best for your needs:

Let us know if you purchase a queen or king bed soon and if you feel like it’s actually making a difference in your sleep. It’s important to know, after all this time, that bigger is better and size does matter!

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