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Which Celebrity Babies Sleep Best for the Stars?


It’s nice when you feel like you can relate to a celebrity. Sometimes, no matter how rich and famous a person is, they still struggle with the same things we struggle with. One of the most universal monuments in a person’s life is that of having a baby. For some reason, especially in the United States, we are all obsessed over the celebrity babies in Hollywood. We love to know the clothes they are wearing, the play dates they go on, who’s celebrities kids play with who, and basically every other detail imaginable. One thing we often don’t consider is the sleep habits of these diva infants. While they may be raised in a world that most of us can only dream about, a lot of them often suffer the same sleep problems that “regular” babies do. No matter what kind of talalay mattress your sleeping on at night, sleep deprivation and babies is a problem that knows no class system.

When it comes to obsessing about the sleep habits of their children, celebrity parents are just like every other parent. For new parents, sleep (or sleep deprivation) is the great equalizer. Whether a baby makes it through the night or demands nighttime feedings every hour, on the hour, can mean the difference between a diva in denial or a fresh faced mother ready to conquer the world. So who has the best and worst infantile sleepers in Hollywood? Find out below!

Bethenny Frankel – Blessed

“We lie awake waiting for the princess to make a move so we can start our day!” says Bethenny, whose daughter Bryn looks and apparently acts like the perfect angel!

Christina Applegate – Deprived, but still thriving

“Even though I have had 8 hours sleep over 2 days, her beautiful face and smile make everything better,” the Up All Night star said via twitter recently. The positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to being a TV star and a full time mom!

Denise Richards – Tivo Time

“Kids and baby are asleep finally….been up since 4am. Would love a grown up evening, but thinking an evening of Tivo might be good!” Despite the lack of sleep, this celebrity mommy seems to be coping with the stress and deprivation pretty well!

Jenna Elfman – Angry & Tired Mommy

“I’m on 3 hours of sleep! Gonna go to bed now and CATCH UP. Hopefully. My kids better sleep DEEEEP tonight.” Some celebrity mommies like Jenna Elfman are just more up front and frank about their kids. For me, they seem the most easy to relate to, since let’s face it, every parent feels like this sometimes!

Have a celebrity who you think you most relate to as a parent? Let us know! Have a good weekend, don’t let the kids keep you up to late!

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