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From the Slightly Quirky to the Blatantly Bizarre: The Strange Sleeping Habits of Hollywood

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Hollywood stars and starlets are known for their weird habits—from underarm botox, to wearing latex gloves 24/7 (I’m looking at you, Howie Mandel), to playing with Barbies (it got creepy when you turned 40, Johnny Depp). I guess their eccentricities are part of the reason we love them so much. After all, nobody wants to watch a reality show about a nine-to-fiver in a business suit who takes his kids to soccer practice. When it comes to sleeping habits, the stars are just as strange, and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Would you? Still, I keep wondering, if they just got good natural mattresses, if they’d have to be so extreme. Yes. The answer is yes.

Inside Celebrity Bedrooms: What Celeb Has the Best Bed Style?


We’ve all wondered what the inside of our favorite celebrities’ houses look like, and today we have a chance to check out some celebrity bedrooms. We’ve gone over the sleep habits of celebrities and even how they put their children to bed at night, so let’s cover something new. The style and decoration of these bedrooms may surprise you and who knows, you might find some helpful tips when spicing up your own bedroom. Most styles of celebrities, especially styles for the home, can be found at affordable prices all over the world. Let’s see what comforters and duvet covers are on top of the botanical latex mattresses of Hollywood’s favorites.

It’s Not Just You: Famous Celebrity Couples That Sleep in Separate Beds

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When we look at the lives of our favorite celebrities, we often see them as quite perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that even celebrities have little quirks and qualms, especially when it comes to sleeping. Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrity couples are sleeping in separate beds? Let’s see which dynamic duo needs two latex mattresses tonight!

Which Celebrity Babies Sleep Best for the Stars?


It’s nice when you feel like you can relate to a celebrity. Sometimes, no matter how rich and famous a person is, they still struggle with the same things we struggle with. One of the most universal monuments in a person’s life is that of having a baby. For some reason, especially in the United States, we are all obsessed over the celebrity babies in Hollywood. We love to know the clothes they are wearing, the play dates they go on, who’s celebrities kids play with who, and basically every other detail imaginable. One thing we often don’t consider is the sleep habits of these diva infants. While they may be raised in a world that most of us can only dream about, a lot of them often suffer the same sleep problems that “regular” babies do. No matter what kind of talalay mattress your sleeping on at night, sleep deprivation and babies is a problem that knows no class system.