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July 4th, 2015 Latex Mattress Sale!

July 4th Latex Mattress Sale

Click the Banner to Shop Our 4th of July Latex Mattress Sale

Today begins our Independence Day Latex Mattress Sale! Our sale features up to $1,200 off all latex mattresses, and with purchase, includes 2 free natural talalay latex pillows, an Egyptian sheet set, and a waterproof mattress protector.

PlushBeds is unique in that all of our mattresses are GreenGuard certified for low emissions (tested for over 360 VOC’s).

As always, this includes free shipping and free returns for each latex mattress we sell. We pride ourselves on great customer service, and we take on the full risk if you are not happy with your purchase. Other companies charge return shipping, which can be in the hundreds of dollars to ship a mattress cross country.

We wish everyone a wonderful 4th of July celebration. Have fun and be safe! Don’t forget our sale ends midnight PST on Sunday, July 5th 2015.

New Mattress Purchase High on Baby Boomers Wish List

BedTimes Online Magazine reports that in 2008 the Better Sleep Council conducted a poll of Baby Boomers (adults born between 1946 and 1964) discovering that Baby Boomers had something pretty big in common. They all have new mattresses placed high on their “want” lists.

The History of Latex Mattresses

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Here’s a story of a man named Murphy who used his wife’s kitchen cake mixer to make something other than a cake …

Now before getting into that, because latex is an organic, natural product, we need to start off with explaining exactly where latex comes from.

The Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis)

Latex mattresses are constructed from the milk or sap from a rubber tree. This rubber tree is known as Hevea brasiliensis. This tree has a major economic significance because its milky latex is the primary source of many things made out of natural rubber (gloves, catheters, balloons, condoms, hoses, belts, and swim caps), not just latex mattresses.

Latex Mattress Types

mattress constructed with latex

The decision to buy a latex mattress is one of the best decisions financially, environmentally, and comfort-wise you can make. However, buying the right natural latex mattress for your sleep needs is critical. Learning about the various options ahead of time can help you make a wiser, more informed decision. These are the types of latex mattresses from which you can choose.

Do Latex Mattresses Off Gas?

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Off gassing is a fairly major concern among people interested in purchasing a new mattress. Consumers consider a wide variety of factors when purchasing new mattresses such as, size, comfort, support, durability, lifespan, etc. As consumers become more educated, however, they’re more interested in issues involving the airflow of the mattress and whether or not off gassing is a concern.