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Three Revolutionary Over the Counter Sleeping Aids that Will Change Your Night

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We’ve all had those nights where no matter what we try, sleep just doesn’t come easy. You try natural remedies and even your dreamlike latex mattress can’t help you. You’re not sick and therefore can’t take NyQuil or other cold medicines that serve a dual purpose and you don’t want to be on prescription sleeping pills. This is a dilemma many people face and until now, there has never really been a solution for them other than to stare at the clock or count sheep until they finally pass out. Now, we can all find relief with several top of the line over the counter sleep aids, including ZzzQuil, by the makers of NyQuil (of course), Doxylamine, and Valerian. These sleeping aids promise to have the same effect on a sleepy person as NyQuil, without the cold and flu remedies. But do they all really work? Let’s find out more about these supposed saviors for the sleep-deprived.