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Sleep. People often take it for granted. If you struggle to get an adequate amount of sleep night after night like so many other people around the world, there are natural solutions available to help you get the rest your body requires. Try these five natural methods for sleeping better and see for yourself how well they do the trick.


1) Drink Herbal Tea after Dinner

Herbal tea rarely has caffeine, so it won’t keep you up at night. This makes it the perfect after-dinner drink, especially when combined with ingredients designed to sooth and calm frayed nerves. Huffington Post Healthy Living suggests that you consider using “sleepy time” teas that contain ingredients such as Chamomile or Valerian to help you relax before going to bed.

2) Meditate Before Going to Bed

The National Sleep Foundation recommends relaxation exercises to soothe and calm the mind prior to going to bed. Not only is meditation in itself soothing and calming, but it can also be an important part of your evening routine. Meditation is also an excellent choice to include in your nightly bedtime rituals. Routines help tell the mind when it is time to “shut off” so the body can get the sleep it needs in order to function.

3) Indulge in Power Naps

Of course the key to successful napping involves having a plan. The Mayo Clinic warns against lengthy daytime naps, suggesting that you should instead limit your naps to 10 to 30 minutes and have them only during the mid-afternoon hours. Shorter naps, known as cat naps, allow your body an opportunity to reboot and recharge without drifting into the deep sleep that can leave you waking groggy and disoriented. Keep naps brief to eliminate the risk of being unable to sleep at night.

4) Exercise Regularly

Exercise is great for the body, mind, and sleep cycle. According to, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day to improve your ability to sleep at night. The National Sleep Foundation also supports the idea of exercise as an excellent choice for fighting insomnia, citing several studies correlating the benefits of exercise for promoting better sleep and lower instances of sleep apnea. Research now indicates that it is fine to exercise close to your bedtime.

Strenuous exercise isn’t necessary. It can be as simple as household cleaning, walking around the block, or early morning Tai Chi. Relaxation exercises, such as yoga or other stretching exercises, are a great choice to prepare for sleep as well.

5) Sleep on a Natural Latex Mattress

The National Institute of Health advises that sleeping on a comfortable mattress is another important factor for promoting a good night’s sleep. Natural latex mattresses provide ample support for proper spinal alignment among back and side sleepers as well as adequate support to cushion curves and pressure points throughout the body for a comfortable night’s sleep — every night.

You don’t have to turn to chemicals and medications to get the good night’s sleep you deserve. These natural solutions will have you sleeping better night after night.

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