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5 New Sleep Innovations to Enhance Your Life - PlushBeds

As you know, sleep plays a key role in your health and well-being. Each day, we aim for quality sleep and optimal living and functioning. 


Here are 5 new sleep innovations, which can help you to improve your overall sleep quality and integrate wellness strategies into your life each day.

  1. Nokia Sleep

If you’re looking for a smarter way to sleep, it’s hard to go wrong with Nokia Sleep. It is a mattress pad that records various information while you sleep. This information is transmitted to the Nokia Health Mate app and analyzed to provide you with a “sleep score.”

The Health Mate app is also integrated to work with Amazon’s Alexa. It can be used to turn off lights at certain times, reduce the temperature in your room and to open the blinds in the morning. The Nokia Sleep pad also records snoring patterns and your heart rate while sleeping. It also provides an analysis of your light, deep and REM sleep cycles.

Consumers find this option appealing because it isn’t something they have to wear. Plus, there is the added benefit of automating the home that makes it a convenient choice for tech savvy consumers everywhere.

  1. Sleep Shepherd Blue

Another interesting device that collects information about your sleep patterns is Sleep Shepherd Blue. Sleep Shepherd Blue is a headband that not only gathers data about how you sleep, but it emits a subtle humming sound that helps lull your brain into a deep sleep and promote muscle regeneration and productivity.

Sleep Shepherd Blue tracks brain waves while you sleep via EEG sensors built into the headband. It also tracks movement while you sleep and helps you wake up more easily in the morning, by providing a gentle transition from sleep to wakefulness using binaural beats. Some consumers feel this is a better way to start the day, rather than an alarm clock.

Sleep Shepherd Blue’s binaural beats are smarter than the average beats generated by phone apps. They use the information gathered by the headband to determine the precise frequency, in the moment, that will serve you best. This creates a truly personalized experience for each wearer as you sleep.

  1. Clear Your Airways

Once upon a time, people who had been diagnosed with sleep apnea had very few attractive choices for getting the air they needed to sleep restfully at night. Fortunately, there are CPAP alternatives that eliminate the need for bulky and obtrusive machines like the CPAP – not to mention the costs of time and dollars in caring for your CPAP machine.

The Huffington Post discusses three of these CPAP alternatives:

  1. Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation (by Inspire Therapy)
  2. Latera Nasal Valve Implants
  3. Sleep Endoscopy

It is important to remember that these options are far more invasive than CPAP machines. They are also one-time expenses and events instead of long-term commitments to sleep with a machine night after night. It is worth considering or discussing with a physician if you aren’t averse to the idea of surgery.

  1. Smart Pajamas

Smart may not be the right name for the pajamas, but sleeping in these bioceramic pajamas by Under Armour certainly is just that. Not only are these pajamas made with the best comfort in mind, but they also help your body recover from the grind of your everyday life.

They have been praised by top athletes and professional dancers alike for offering superior comfort, outstanding breathability, and incredible mobility. They are comfortable to wear to sleep at night and even better for waking up noticeably refreshed in the morning.

The fabric used to make the pajamas is made of fabric that has been bioceramic imprinted to help cool off your body’s heat emissions while you sleep. The pajamas help you to remain cool while sleeping and to sleep longer as a result.

  1. Wearable Sleep Trackers

Wearable tech is all the rage these days. While they may not be as high tech as some of the other sleep solutions mentioned here, the ability to wear a device the size of a watch or a ring, that reports not only your sleep activities, but also your fitness activities is here.

Rings are appealing because they are smaller and they maintain their charges longer – up to five days on a single charge. Surprisingly enough, they offer a similar price point as well as many similar capabilities. The Motiv ring, for instance, tracks the following:

  • Calories
  • Distances walked
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Steps

This information is synced to your smartphone, and the device is charged on a magnetic charging dock.

Any of these sleep and wellness innovations can help you get more information about your own sleep habits. You can use this information to make changes to improve the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting each night and enhance your well-being overall.

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