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A Mattress as an Investment in Good Sleep - PlushBeds

A good night’s sleep is hard to find. However, Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds, believes he has a royal remedy for your sleep problems in the “Royal Bed.”

The Royal Bed, which was unveiled at London’s Kensington Palace, is truly fit for royalty. The series consists of only 60 limited-edition mattresses that are made of Mongolian cashmere wool, curled Latin American horsetails and enough woven silk to stretch from New York to Miami and make the return trip.

Details of the Royal Bed Investment

The real appeal of this bed for buyers is the fact that it makes them according to the exact specifications of the purchaser including the desired firmness on each side of the bed. A personal touch can be added by having the Royal School of Needlework embroider a crest, initials or sports team logo onto the fabric.

The mattresses also take master craftsmen 700 hours to create. The length of time required to construct the bed and the fact that it’s made according to the precise size and firmness of the purchaser means that this is not a simple impulse buy. It will take a minimum of four months before the bed is ready for delivery.

While it sounds like a great deal, the royal price tag of $750,000 attached to the Royal Bed puts it out of the running for the average family. However, this particular bed is being billed as an investment and that changes things, to some degree.

“Of course it’s a massive amount of money and it will only appeal to the very lucky and very wealthy,” when questioned about the expense of the mattress, Hughes responded. Hughes went on to say, “If you’re buying Gucci handbags, a suit from Saville Rowe or a Rolls Royce, you’re looking for the best. And you spend a third of your life in bed.”

Each bed is guaranteed for a full 25 years – the bed frame, mattress, and box spring. The mattress topper, however, will need to be replaced every five years. The overall price for 365 nights a year for 25 years works out to less than $20 a night – making this bed seem like more of a bargain than the initial price tag suggests.

Considering the drought of sleep being experienced around the world, any edge when it comes to sleep seems like a good thing. At the end of 25 years, $20 a night doesn’t seem to be that terrible of an investment. However, anyone interested in purchasing one of these Royal Beds better hurry. There will only be 60 of these beds created for the buying public.

The Cost of One Night’s Sleep: PlushBeds vs. Royal Bed

Now, let’s compare the cost of a night’s sleep between the Royal Bed and the 8” Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress – made with 100% all natural latex by PlushBeds (manufacturer). While both can last for 25 years, the Royal Bed mattress comes in at $20 a night, while the Botanical Bliss Natural Latex Mattress costs just pennies a night. Which is the best mattress for the money?

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