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Eco-friendly cleaning might be considered to be a trend or a fad; however, for many of us, green cleaning is an extension of how we live our lives. All too often we’re living fast-paced and busy lifestyles that are stressful and incredibly busy. Because of this, when we’re cleaning our homes, we might feel tempted to choose quick fix chemical-laden products from the store. However, these instant cleaning products are filled with harmful toxins that in turn create a very unhealthy environment.

There are several groups of people that can benefit from an eco-friendly cleaning service. These include:

  • Busy working people and business professionals who don’t have enough hours in the day to clean their homes.
  • Expectant mothers and people with young children.
  • People who have enough income to pay for house cleaning, so they can spend their free time on other pursuits.
  • People who are health conscious.
  • People who care about the environment.

With the above groups turning more and more towards environmentally-friendly cleaning services to ensure their homes are cleaned effectively and safely, we’re going to look at the benefits of a non-toxic cleaning service and how it can ensure your home is healthy, and clean.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality denotes the quality of air in and around buildings, particularly in terms of how this relates to your comfort and health. Knowing about and controlling the most common indoor pollutants helps you stay as healthy as possible, bearing in mind that according to the EPA, you can feel the effects of indoor air pollutants soon after exposure, and as many as several years afterwards.

When your home or business is cleaned in an eco-friendly manner by a specialist cleaning service, the indoor air quality is significantly improved. This minimizes health issues like headaches and irritations caused by pollutants like irritants, dangerous compounds, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your atmosphere and in the areas where you sleep.

Using toxic cleaning chemicals leaves behind residues that can remain in the local environment for some time, and with that come health risks. When you opt to employ a green cleaning service to take care of your home, your environment is toxin-free, well-cleaned, and well-sanitized.

Natural Air Cleaning

Following on from finding out about the air quality in your home, when you employ an eco-friendly cleaning service, you can be sure that your indoor air will be cleaned and fragranced naturally. Rather than spraying a cocktail of chemical air freshening sprays throughout your environment, burning natural scented oils could be an option.

Eco-friendly cleaning company staff can also give you a list of recommendations to ensure your air is clean and healthy, such as using plants with broad green leaves to filter your indoor air.

Super Germs

So many of us use antimicrobial and antibacterial cleaners around our homes, believing in good faith that they stop germs from spreading. It’s a fact that these preparations actually don’t clean your hands any better than good old soap and water. Furthermore, they increase the risk of super germs breeding. If you’ve not heard of them, these are bacteria that are resistant to chemicals and are resistant to being killed off as they multiply.

Recycling and Biodegradability

Natural cleaning preparations are provided in recyclable containers and are biodegradable. Many come in high concentrations so they can be diluted for use ,and this reduces packaging materials and also the negative environmental effects of transporting large amounts of cleaner from the place of manufacture.

Protected Property

Eco-friendly cleaning services use products that don’t contain harsh and harmful chemicals. You can be assured that none of your furniture or property is damaged by any overly harsh cleaning methods or chemical spills.

Green Cleaning Equipment

The equipment used for cleaning the eco-friendly way has come along leaps and bounds in the past few years. Often, vacuum cleaners have High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that trap smaller particles of dirt and dust that would normally be left behind by conventional cleaners, and that would spread into the air. These HEPA vacuums improve the air quality in your home, making it a safer and more pleasant place to live.

It’s not only new style vacuum cleaner filters that are eco-friendly, nowadays mops and cleaning cloths can be too. Some are made from polyester microfibers that attract dust particles via a static charge, whereas other mops and cloths are made from materials that allow you to clean just by using them along with water rather than with added chemicals and/or products.

Dry Cleaning

You might not know this but conventional dry cleaners are the biggest users of Perchloroethylene, an industrial solvent that creates smog and is toxic to humans. Green dry cleaners often use carbon dioxide to get your clothes looking and smelling clean, and there’s no need to air them outside before wearing them or putting them away in your closet either.

Value for Money

As green cleaning doesn’t involve using chemicals and concoctions, and focuses instead on natural products like essential oils, it works out as a cost-effective way to keep your home safe and clean.

By choosing to use the natural and green cleaning service offered by a cleaning business, you are doing your part in supporting a healthier living environment, not only for you and your family, but for the world as a whole. Each of us can support eco-friendly living by making these small yet positive changes that really do add up over time.

By opting to go green your home will be thoroughly and safely cleaned while being completely free from air pollutants and harmful residues. This helps ensure that you and your family can cut your risk of getting sick as well as reducing allergy symptoms and potential reactions to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Finding a good green cleaning service shouldn’t put a strain on your budget either as many companies offer very competitive rates that are in keeping with non-eco-friendly cleaning companies. If you’re in doubt as to what company is best for your requirements, don’t be afraid to ask about their “green” policies, as you look forward to living in a home that’s healthy and a joy to live in.

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