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Box Spring: How Important is Your Mattress Foundation? - PlushBeds

When purchasing a mattress, you want to make sure it lasts for years to come. A mattress is a big decision and there are so many choices to pick from. Of course when you buy the mattress, you have to buy the box spring as well. Like many choices in life, we’ve gotten so used to the “that’s just the way it is” motto, we don’t even wonder why we need to buy a box spring. The box spring you purchase can be as important as the mattress itself.

According to eHow, the box spring is the foundation of your mattress. Its main purpose is to help your mattress keep its shape for years to come.

For the most part, box springs are made of wooden frames lined with quite a few heavy-duty coiled springs.The springs help to absorb the everyday wear and tear of your mattress and also works to make the mattress more comfortable when you’re sleeping. A box spring can prevent a mattress from sagging as well.

Just like there are different types of mattresses, the same goes for box springs. While the traditional box springs are the ones we’ve discussed above, others have a modular grid foundation with square coils specifically designed to absorb the shock of the mattress better. There are also foundations that are made of high-density foam and rigid metal wire grids.

Sometimes, the box springs are actually too “boxy” and bulky which can make the bed too high to lay down on comfortably. There are lower box springs that can help with this problem. Some mattresses and bed frames are designed to be used without a box spring.

The folks at the Better Sleep Foundation also agree that a box spring is just as important as a mattress. They have some helpful tips as well when it comes to choosing a box spring:

  • Never put a new mattress on an old box spring (or vice versa).
  • When buying a new mattress, simply buy its companion box spring or foundation. The two pieces are made to work together and are ideal for helping you get the best night of sleep. Also, buying a different box spring than the one that goes with your mattress can affect the warranty of your purchase. (The last thing you want is to get stuck with a faulty mattress because you didn’t spring for the box spring as well).

Your box spring may need to be replaced before your mattress. This is when the warranty comes in handy (hopefully you won’t have to pay a dime for your replacement box spring). Make sure you measure your mattress and the bed frame before choosing a box spring replacement. Then decide how tall you want your box spring to be when it is placed in the bed frame. Usually, the box springs are sold in heights of five or nine inches. Look into purchasing a hypoallergenic cover for your box spring as it will prevent dust mites and bacteria from getting in between your box spring and your mattress. Make sure to look over the warranty of your new box spring and don’t be afraid to return it if you feel you’re not getting proper sleep within your first few nights!

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