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Buying a Latex Mattress Online - PlushBeds

Many people are somewhat reluctant to make major purchases, such as mattresses, online. The truth is that there is no method of ordering a mattress that is more convenient, and potentially cost saving than doing so via the Internet. These tips will help you make an informed decision about the mattress you purchase online.

Advantages of Buying a Latex Mattress Online

Some advantages of purchasing a latex mattress online are:

1. It's Simpler

If you enjoy the convenience of being able to shop online for any products, you'll most likely love being able to shop online for your new bed. Online mattress shopping enables you to compare prices easily against various models without having a pushy salesperson standing next to you. Not to mention, you can shop wherever and whenever you want. A local retail store might not be open at 2AM, and chances are good you won't be able to buy your mattress sitting on your living room couch.

2. It's More Affordable

Since online mattress companies don't have to deal with paying out sales commissions or overhead costs, they can offer their mattresses for 25% to 50% cheaper than if you were to buy an equivalent mattress at your local mattress retailer. A lot of online mattress companies also don't collect sales tax, and offer free delivery and nominal rate returns, which sweetens the deal.

3. No Pushy Salespeople

Mattress salespeople can be just as pushy as car salespeople. And, you never really know if you're actually getting a good deal or not. Online mattress retailers lay out all the information and specs right there online, so you can make a decision if the mattress is really suitable for you. You won't have to take a salesperson's word for it, who likely doesn't have your best interest in mind. You can simply read other customer reviews to make your buying decision, without feeling pressured into buying extras.

Disadvantages of Buying a Latex Mattress Online

Some disadvantages of buying a latex mattress online are:

1. There Won't Be Any Extras

Online mattress companies are able to keep their costs down because they can sell the mattress by itself without any extras. Prior to buying, make sure you have, or will have, all the required extras, such as sheets that fit, and a proper bed frame. A benefit of buying in store is you're able to negotiate on cost by receiving an item included with your purchase for free, like free pillows.

2. There's More DIY Involved

While salespeople can be pushy, they are ideal for getting your questions answered right away by a knowledgeable person. Purchasing a mattress online, however, will require you to perform your own research. Fortunately, most online companies provide customer service through:

  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Social media

This way, you can still get your questions answered 24/7.

3. Some Mattress Types Might Require a Longer Break-In Period

Many hybrid, memory foam, or latex mattresses arrive at your door vacuum-sealed and compressed in a box. Because of this, your mattress might take several days before it completely expands to its full shape, and you can sleep on it comfortably.

Tips for Buying a Latex Mattress Online

Tip #1: Research the Company

You want to give your business to a company that has an excellent reputation and good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A lot of people spend a lot of time comparing one mattress to another. Most of them overlook the obvious, and fail to find out the facts about the company offering the mattresses. Call the company, and gauge their response. Ask questions, and determine whether or not the sales associates are genuinely interested in helping you, or if they’re trying to up their commissions by selling a higher-priced item. What kind of feedback and reviews are you reading about them through independent, third party resources online?

Tip #2: Learn About the Construction of the Mattress

The latex used in the construction of the mattress is the single biggest concern when purchasing a latex mattress. If you’re interested in longevity, along with lower impact on the planet, 100 percent natural latex is the only way to go. Other options, such as synthetic latex, or blended/hybrid latex mattresses, do not have the durability of authentic latex mattresses, and contain petrochemicals that can create off gassing, aggravate allergies, and invite other problems.

Aside from the type of latex used in the mattress, one of the big things people interested in an environmentally-friendly mattress want to know is whether or not glue is used in the construction of the mattress. While it’s not the only concern, this is one that can lead to potential health consequences, allergic reactions, and off gassing.

Tip #3: Investigate the Manufacturing Process

Talalay and Dunlop are the two styles of manufacturing used to create natural latex mattresses. The Dunlop style of manufacturing offers firmer support, while the Talalay style is generally softer – better suited for people who sleep on their sides, and need a little cushioning for pressure points. Also, in general, Dunlop latex will last longer; Talalay is still a good option for a top comfort layer upon a thicker (at least 6 inches) Dunlop latex mattress core.

Tip #4: Examine the Mattress Cover

The best choices for mattress covers are those that are certified organic. Choose covers that are made with certified organic cotton and wool backing (and that are knit, not woven for best elasticity) for chemical-free moisture wicking, and unsurpassed breathability.

Tip #5: Compare Warranties

Warranties are not the same across the board. Your mission is to find the warranty that offers the most protection for the longest length of time. For a 100 percent natural latex mattress, the warranty should be no less than 20 years. Variations in coverage exist over time. Full replacement warranties, for instance, vary from as few as two years to as many as ten. Once the full replacement warranty period ends, most warranties offer prorated coverage to help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your mattress.

Tip #6: Get the Skinny on the Return Policy

Most people who purchase latex mattresses do so understanding that they are making an investment. For the most part, you’ll sleep on your new latex mattress for at least ten years, if not twenty or more, before it needs to be replaced. This means that you need to make sure you’re getting a mattress that allows you a good night’s sleep, and has the resilience and longevity you need. The standard industry trial period is 30 days. That gives you time to adjust to the new mattress, but not really an adequate amount of time to formulate a real opinion of the mattress. You also need to know if the company offers a return or exchange policy, who is responsible for the shipping, and if there are any fees involved in the return that buyers must pay.

When you work out these details before you buy the mattress, you’re able to make an informed decision. This means you’re more likely to get the mattress you want, the first time, and less likely to have to go through the hassle of returns or exchanges. However, you want to know you have that safety net if there is some reason the mattress you buy doesn’t work for you.

Tip #7: Look Into Sleep Trial Offers

A lot of online retailers and manufacturers provide decent trial periods. During your trial period, you can return your mattress if you're not completely satisfied, and receive a refund, minus a nominal $149 return transportation (rather than hundreds of dollars). Knowing you can test your mattress out before you make a commitment should give you peace of mind.

Tip #8: Learn If There Are Customization Options

When you buy a mattress from a local store, you'll get pretty much what you see in the showroom. With online mattress companies, this isn't necessarily the case. For instance, with PlushBeds, your mattress is made-to-order, which provides you with various opportunities to customize your mattress, so your needs are met. Plus, after testing it out, if you require a softer or firmer mattress, or you want additional plushness or firmness on only half of your mattress, PlushBeds will provide you with a totally customized sleeping experience.

Tip #9: Learn About Comfort Exchange or Return Policies

What is the comfort exchange policy of the company? With standard mattresses, exchanging a mattress layer will likely be almost impossible. Certain manufacturers of latex mattresses even glue their layers together. This is an unnecessary step that limits buyers' options. With PlushBeds, you won't see any glued layers in their latex mattresses.

If you have to adjust your mattress's firmness, all you'll have to do is unzip the cover, and exchange the top layer for a new one. It's just as easy as adding a mattress topper to a standard mattress. PlushBeds will send out a latex layer in a box, and once it arrives, you just swap it out with your existing one, and mail it back by attaching the UPS label provided to you.

Tip #10: Learn If There is a White Glove Setup and Delivery Service

Some places, like PlushBeds, offer a white glove setup and delivery service. For instance, with PlushBeds, white glove delivery services are available for a small $299 additional cost. A delivery person, with white glove service, will come into your house, and install the mattress for you in your room of choice.

Tip #11:Read Reviews About Product Quality and Customer Service

Many individuals choose their mattress based on its price and don't stop to think about how they'll feel several weeks or months later. This is why reviews on product quality and customer service is so important.

Review are frequently written by customers who have used the product already, and understand the most essential features and the types of mattresses suitable for adults, teens or kids.

Tip #12: Read About Awards the Manufacturer Has Received 

How many awards has the manufacturer received? For instance, PlushBeds has received a whole collection of awards for our different natural mattress collections. The awards that top mattress review sites present to PlushBeds shows our commitment to quality in:

  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Customer service
  • and more

Presently, PlushBeds has over 80 awards handed to us in just the past several years.

Tip #13: Read About Latex Mattress Certifications

The issue with various in-store mattress purchases is even the retail staff doesn't have a lot of information on what the mattresses are made of, where they're from, and the types of materials used in them. Although this isn't the case for all in-store mattress retailers, it is typically the case when you shop with major mattress warehouses carrying a range of different mattress brands. With online mattress sites, there is usually a smaller inventory, and the focus is usually only on one brand or company. A lot of online mattress companies provide transparency through tests, and certifications about their mattress materials.

Tip #14: Check Into Financing Options

Check to see if the company offers any financing options. For instance, PlushBeds provides our consumers with flexible financing options. You can spread the payments across six or 12 months, and you can pay it in full at any time.

Tip #15: Take Advantage of Online Latex Mattress Sales

There are certain holidays and days of the year that make mattress shopping more affordable and fun. You'll find some of the best prices on any one of these days below:

  • President's Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Black Friday
  • Labor Day
  • Amazon Prime Day
  • Christmas
  • Cyber Monday

You also don't always have to wait until these days or holidays, in order to take advantage of outstanding deals and discounts. Sometimes you'll find sales lasting over a weekend or longer, so more customers can take advantage of the amazing discounts and crazy-low latex mattress prices.

On top of certain holidays, you'll also find latex mattress sales during certain months, like May, for instance. This is a great month for mattress deals, since June is the month where retailers start rolling out new models, and mattress companies are trying to eliminate their existing inventory. Mattress retailers will also offer their new mattress model releases at lower prices in order to generate interest.

Latex Mattresses


1. Is Purchasing a Mattress Online Safe?

You'd probably think that it would be safer to buy your mattress locally than it would be to buy it online, but mattresses only sold online tend to have slightly better materials and specifications, and therefore provide long-term comfort and durability than those sold in stores.

2. What Types of Mattresses Are Available Online?

When shopping online, you still have to choose your type of mattress, and sometimes you may have more options to choose from. For instance, latex mattresses tend to be available more online. Highly-customizable mattresses do, too. But, stores do often have a larger choice of traditional innerspring beds. You'll often see more foam options online as well, for a more comfortable experience.

3. Are There Any Advantages of Purchasing a Mattress Online?

There are plenty of benefits to buying your mattress online, including:

  • Flexibility & Convenience
  • Opportunity to Be a More Informed Shopper
  • Less Sales Pressure
  • Better prices
  • Better Return Policies
  • Better Chance of Comfort Satisfaction
  • Better Selection
  • and more

4. How Do I Discard My Old Mattress?

When you're purchasing a mattress at a local store, the delivery person will typically haul your old mattress away for you, either for a small fee, or for free. With online mattress companies, it's typically a UPS driver that drops a box off on your doorstep. However, if you do need help, there are some online mattress companies that do provide it, like PlushBeds, through their White Glove Service option, which you'll see in the next question.

5. Will Someone Set My Mattress Up for Me?

If the mattress company you buy from provides White Glove Delivery Service, then yes, they do. For instance, you can request White Glove Delivery Service from PlushBeds for an additional cost of $299. A delivery person will come to your house, and install your mattress in any room you choose. They'll even haul off your old mattress, and dispose of it for you for an additional $100. You can add these options onto your order on the checkout page.

6. How Do You Send a Mattress Back by Mail?

Your mattress most likely showed up at your doorstep in a box or plastic tub, and immediately after you opened it, it expanded, so you might be wondering how can you possibly send it back in its original shape or size?

You might not have to. A lot of mattress companies actually prefer you offer your mattress as a donation locally, and they'll still provide you with a refund, once you send them a receipt of your donation. So, when you hear that part of the return process is "free pickup", that might be from a donation organization. Fortunately, you won't be needing to stuff your mattress back into a box, and bring it to a shipping store.

7. Does It Cost Money to Return a Mattress?

Usually, the answer is no. Many online mattress companies offer a no-fee return policy. Just be sure you check a mattress company's policy before you purchase a mattress, to avoid any unexpected surprises if you were to decide to return your mattress.

Reach out to us here at PlushBeds if you have any questions about our mattresses or buying a latex mattress online.

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