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The first week of summer has arrived and along with the sand and sun, it’s also brought quite the heat wave. While basking in the sun’s rays feel glorious during a dip in the pool, the sweaty heat of the day doesn’t always translate well into your bed at night. In the upcoming months, many of you will be asking: What’s the best way to beat the heat and get a good night’s sleep?

While air conditioning can help, it’s still hard to find the relief you need during those scorchers. I’ve looked into some solutions for those nights where you just can’t seem to get comfortable.

A simple and natural way to lower your body temperature before bed is drinking a glass of ice water. It may sound simple, but it really does help. Bringing a glass of water to bed with you to drink throughout the night won’t hurt either.

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable solution to a toasty bed is to change your comforter set. Think about the materials that make up your thick comforter. Most likely, it’s filled with down feathers or perhaps even wool. Switching to a quilt in the summer and getting rid of the blankets will keep the night sweats at bay. Having a heavier winter comforter and a light summer quilt will also allow you to keep both of them fresh and new each year, while enjoying a solid night’s sleep, no matter the season. Bed Bath & Beyond has a great selection of quilts and coverlets.

Another great way to keep cool at night is by keeping your mattress cool. There are some great latex mattresses out there that can be paired with a cooling mattress pad to do the job. There are many different mattress pads to choose from and the budget ranges but here are a few options:

  • The Original Feel Cooler™ Cooling Mattress Pad – This mattress pad has been featured on Dr. Oz and ranges from $99.95 for the Original Mattress Pad, all the way to $899.99 for the Chill Pad Dual, which can cool down a mattress by 46 degrees!
  • ChiliPad™ Mattress Pad is another option that has the ability to warm a bed on those chilly winter nights as well. The temperature in this pad can be adjusted for two people, so if your significant other prefers a different temperature than you do, you can still both sleep soundly.

If these options are a little bit out of your price range, try looking on discount sites like You can also check stores like Homegoods, if you hit it right, you can often find high quality mattress pads at great prices.

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If you’re still in need of relief, and love the cool side of the pillow, check out the Chillow.This revolutionary non-toxic, non-gel pillow helps tired campers fall asleep 68% faster than with regular pillows and also helps to increase the amount of REM sleep you’re getting a night. Just slip the Chillow inside your pillow case and you’ll be on your way to a cooler night’s sleep.

Beating the heat for your perfect summer sleep shouldn’t be a struggle, and as a last resort, you can always use the pool!

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