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Did you know that the wrong kind of paint can introduce unwanted and unwelcomed toxins into any room of your home? While you probably don’t want these toxins in any room in your home, it’s critical to remove them from your bedroom, the place where healing and repair are supposed to take place within your body night after night. So how do you get rid of toxins that come from paints that contain VOC (volatile organic compounds)? Using non-toxic paints, such as no or low VOC paints.

Benefits of Using Non-Toxic Paints in Your Bedroom

The average person spends more time in the bedroom than any other single room in the home. Much of that time is while you are sleeping and your body is repairing itself. Reducing the toxins in your bedroom paint provides a safer environment for all and not just for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity.

Low VOC/no VOC paints are also water based, which means it’s easier to clean these paints up in the event of a spill. It’s also easier to dispose of the paints that have no VOC’s since they aren’t considered dangerous waste with special disposal requirements. Low VOC or no VOC paints are also available in a wide variety of bedroom colors.

Problems Associated with VOC’s

The primary complaints related to VOC’s are respiratory issues, dizziness, headaches, visual disorders, and other symptoms. The problems associated with VOC’s are problematic enough that the EPA has listed paints and finishes as leading causes of its decision to list indoor air quality as one of the top “5 hazards to human health,” according to Home Depot.

Benefits of Low/No VOC Paint

Few paint products on the market today that contain VOC’s can compare to the benefits you’ll receive by making the simple choice to switch to no or low VOC paints inside your home. Here are the some of them:

  • Environmental. Non-toxic paints reduce contamination in landfills, groundwater, and inside the home for a greener paint product.
  • Health. Reducing toxins inside the home improves overall air quality. Getting rid of chemicals and allergens that often cause illnesses is an added bonus.
  • Air Quality. Breathe deeply inside your home without fear of doing damage to your lungs or the lungs of your precious family.
  • Low Cost. Low VOC paint products cost about the same amount of money as other paints on the market today while providing the same level of quality for coverage.
  • No Off Gassing. Offgassing is the release of volatile chemicals in certain materials at normal atmospheric pressure. But with no VOC paint, you can kiss those noxious paint fumes goodbye for good.

It would be nice if all problems for the planet and the quality of air inside your home were this easy to solve. However, each small step you take is one in the right direction. Low VOC paints are just one of the steps you can take to produce a greener, cleaner, and healthier bedroom. Sleeping on a natural latex mattress is another.

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