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Words Are Nice, but Actions are What Count

It’s a pretty important subject, whether or not you support green business. If (apart from love) money really does make the world go ‘round, then spending your money in a socially responsible manner should be a top priority, shouldn’t it? Saying it with words is important, but more important is whether or not you actually DO IT. And afterwards, whether you SHARE IT. Here’s why.

Do Something

The biggest difference someone can make for the sake of the environment is to first DO SOMETHING, and then to SHARE how they felt about what they did to make a difference.

Then Share (The Psychology of Sharing)

Because, after all, one of the main reasons we converse (apart from when we have to – as in a work-related scenario to get something necessary accomplished) or share online is not so much for the purpose of relaying or gathering information, but instead to share feelings. Example: when a spouse returns home from work, talking about the work day isn’t as much about what happened as it is about how he or she felt about what happened. Conversation, for the most part, whether online or offline, has to do with our unique perspectives in the form of feelings about what has happened or what is happening. And that is what causes us to share. Our feelings about something are what connect us. And feelings are so much more than just words spoken or words on paper or posted somewhere on the Internet.

A Link is Forged Between Us

When someone shares with us something that they’ve done they’re excited about, doesn’t that FEELING really show through? It’s at that point the other party to the conversation has the potential to catch that excitement. Being social creatures, and realizing that human nature is such that we too might be able to experience that feeling, as long as the trust is there, we want to repeat that action.

How This Relates to Green Business

Given that money is an important part of our everyday lives, we all spend it in varying amounts. And should we come across any particular green product or service that we really appreciate, that makes our life easier, that we know has a gentler impact on the environment, it’s more than appropriate that we share that with people we care about and that are in our sphere of influence. After all, sharing comes naturally smiley face emoji .

Here’s What We Learned About These Passionate Green Business Supporters

Green Steve

Steve Waller has a Shop section on his website. The cool thing about Steve that shows his support of green business is that when you buy something through his affiliate partnership with any particular company that’s listed on his website, he’s not going to pocket the cash. Instead, Steve shows you exactly how much in carbon emissions he will offset per dollar you spend. We think that’s pretty unselfish, a great way to put your money where your mouth is smiley face emoji , and an excellent way to share your love of the world around you!


Starre Vartan supports green business in a variety of ways, one of which is eco-tourism. Starre has a complete section of her website dedicated to some of the awesome places that she’s been and wonderful activities she’s participated in that are as unique and exciting as they are sustainable. Starre has even lived several months in a yurt! She has a great talent for writing, and loves to share her travel experiences on her blog and by contributing to other notable publications.


Donna Deforbes supports green business by reviewing products that she has come across and fallen in love with that support sustainability, one of which is this beautiful children’s book that she reviewed on her blog. Donna also reviews green children’s toys as well as arts and crafts. Charities are businesses too (some of the best kind), and Donna gives 5% of the profits made from her blogging efforts to a green-related charity each season.

How can You Support Green Business? Go and do Likewise.

There is so much power in the Internet. Your opinion, your idea, and your experiences don’t have to be a lone voice in the wilderness. May we suggest that each time you purchase a green service or product that impresses you, that you tweet that out and use the #isupportgreenbusiness hashtag in association with it? It could be a beauty product, it could be a greener carpet cleaning service, it could be anything. If you share that experience via Twitter (or Facebook) using the hashtag #isupportgreenbusiness, you are letting people know that you want a greener, healthier planet and at the same time bolstering a green business and helping businesses that are eco-conscious have more influence in society. It’s a winning scenario any way you look at it. And, if you are a blogger, you can use the “I Support Green Business!” badge to show your support. Pick yours up below smiley face emoji .