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Finding the Right Bedding for Your College Kid - PlushBeds

If you have a child about to start their freshman year of college, then there’s probably a lot on your mind, especially if they’re going away. There will be a lot of decisions to make in the upcoming months and one that you might not immediately think of is their bedding for school. While dorm life comes with new and exciting friends and activities, one thing that college living spaces aren’t known for are their luxury. When your college student walks into their dorm in September, they will most likely be greeted by a square box with two beds that look like they’ve been in place since the late seventies. While all they will be able to smell is their first bout of freedom, you’ll know better. But fear not, even the worst beds in college can be made more comfortable with the right bedding.

While ideally purchasing a new mattress is the best solution to the lumpy dorm bed, after shelling out the fall semester’s tuition, you’ll hardly have pennies to spare.

Good Housekeeping has some great tips on picking the bedding that’s right for your college student.

  • First off, make sure to measure bedding before buying it. Most college dorm beds are twin extra long. Check that the packaging matches up. The flat sheet on a twin extra long should be 85 inches long instead of 80 which is a standard twin mattress.
  • Pick from duvet covers instead of comforters. They are easier to wash and will last longer.
  • Always make sure you know if your child has any allergies before picking bedding for them. They’ve most likely slept on the same bedding for a good many years up to this point and while it may seem like a subtle change, bedding can make a difference in sleeping patterns.

Two items when shopping for bedding that I can’t stress the importance of enough are the mattress cover and the foam mattress pad. The mattress cover will protect against bed bugs and will aid in keeping a sanitary environment for your kid.

The foam mattress pad was my life saver in college. Our mattresses were worn and uncomfortable. I purchased an egg crate foam mattress pad and between that and the mattress pad, it was like sleeping on a cloud. The egg crate foam pads also hold up for a long time. (Mine lasted for four years).

Another great and fun purchase for bedding in college are body pillows. Usually it’s easy to find a color that matches your bedding. They can turn your bed into a sort of futon during the day which can be a great way to study with some added back support.

Always check for sales during this time of year in home goods stores. They usually have weekly deals and when you have a college kid, every penny saved counts!

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